The difference between laminate and parquet board: help in the best choice of coating

The difference between laminate and parquet board: help in the best choice of coating

The difference between laminate and parquet board: help in the best choice of coating

What will be the flooring - one of the first questions that we have to solve when repairing any room. Many people want the floor in the kitchen to be wooden, so it's important for them to know what is better - a parquet board or a laminate. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

To create a luxurious and stylish interior, the parquet board

The parquet board looks impressive and thorough, adding to the atmosphere of restrained nobility

Parquet board - prestige, quality, reliability

Many believe that the laminate is more suitable for offices. People who prefer high-quality things and can afford to buy expensive flooring, choose parquet. At a price it is much more expensive than any laminate.

Many confuse the concepts of parquet and parquet board. The parquet board consists of three layers. The bottom layer is veneer veneers (the thickness of the layer is about 2 mm), the second is the wooden strips, which are laid perpendicular to the upper and lower layers. Also here are the extreme key locks. It is because of them that the parquet is laid so quickly. The top layer of the parquet board is the wood of valuable species (oak, ash, birch, beech). Of the same wood is made and piece parquet. From the top layer depends the attractiveness and durability of the parquet board. It is impregnated with special solutions that help to maintain the beauty of the parquet board for several (and even many) years.

The natural wood pattern characteristic for a parquet board has high decorative characteristics

An attractive pattern of natural wood enhances the decorative possibilities of a parquet board

People value wood for naturalness and warmth. It warms even the interior in the style of minimalism. Features of wood species, unlimited possibilities of laying a parquet board, new production technologies of this material significantly expand the artistic possibilities of a parquet. The floor of the house is cozy and warm. But when varnished in several layers, the natural coziness disappears. To maintain this most valuable property of a parquet board, it is recommended to use not a varnish, but a wax or oil as a coating. They do not hide the beauty of the tree, they leave the texture natural. Oil coating is updated every few years.

Parquet board in a section demonstrates all its advantages over other types of coating

Parquet board has a complex structure that improves the technical characteristics of this type of flooring

Parquet board according to the design can be single-side, two-way and three-way. Single-striped parquet board has a top layer of a solid wood trunk, so you can see the wood pattern. In a two- and three-strip parquet board, the top layer consists of two or three rows of lamellas, which can be of different lengths, so the pattern looks unusual. Such a parquet board does not externally differ from the parquet laid with deck design. There are also such models that mimic a piece of parquet, laid with a "braid" or "herringbone". As for the drawing of the top layer of the parquet board, it depends on the sawing, and can vary from striped homogeneous to variegated with veins and knots. A wide variety of wood varieties and options for its processing allows you to choose a parquet board of any color.

A parquet board, like a laminate, is a material ready for installation. Parquet board is ground, covered with varnishes and protective means. To lay both a laminate, and a parquet board, is simple enough, and the floor can be disassembled and collected at need.

Laminate - easy maintenance, durability, attractive price

Laminate is one of the most common floor coverings. More recently, he came to replace the parquet board and made it worthy of competition. Over the past few years, laminate manufacturing technologies have evolved so much that the coating can withstand competition with many other varieties. Unlike parquet, grinding, impregnation and varnishing, laminate does not require, it does not change color under the influence of sunlight, floors can be washed using chemical means for washing the laminate. As you can see, the coverage gives the owner few concerns.

A wide variety of shades and colors allows you to conduct bold experiments with a laminate

Laminate has its advantages and advantages, first of all, a wide variety of textures and shades

Laminate is not afraid of sunlight, frequent washing and mechanical damage to the surface. Stains are removed with acetone or any product with a high alcohol content, and if you do the cleaning daily in the room, you can get by with a usual damp cloth or vacuum cleaner. Scratches, if they are minor, can be masked with a repair pencil or putty. One is afraid of laminate floor - excess moisture, although there is a moisture-resistant laminate. If you properly care for the coating, it will last a long time and remain smooth and beautiful, as on the first day after installation.

As already mentioned, laying the laminate is quite simple. Everything depends on its lock (fastening), the condition of the floor in the room. The fastest way is to lay the laminate with a "click" glue lock, since no special glue or special tools are required for laying.

What is the difference between a laminate and a parquet board?


Laminate and parquet board are the most popular floor coverings. And that, and another guarantees a reliable and durable floor at an affordable price. Sometimes laminate and parquet board are so similar in appearance that a person who is not related to construction, it is difficult to distinguish them. What is the difference between a laminate and a parquet board?

  • Mode of production

Parquet board is three layers of veneer, while the lower layers are cheaper raw materials, and the top layer - quality materials. Laminate can also be compared with wallpaper, which are glued on a multi-layer wood-fiber board.

  • Appearance of the flooring

As for the appearance, the laminate is most often decorated under the parquet board. But the picture on each board is identical, which can not be said about the parquet board. There are two identical boards you will not find, because the pattern is identical to the wood structure. In addition, the sale is a laminate with a pattern of "marble", "under the tile."

Due to its shape, the parquet board is mounted easily and quickly

Parquet board, as well as a laminate, is made so that its installation did not cause any difficulties

Laminate is considered to be more practical material. It is resistant to abrasion, it is difficult to damage it with shoes or furniture. Parquet board requires careful treatment of yourself. Enemies of this floor covering are heavy furniture, heels, moisture and temperature changes, so think carefully about whether to lay a parquet board in the kitchen. If you compare a laminate with a parquet board, the laminate may seem colder than a parquet board, for which a natural tree is used. It is also believed that the laminate is more noisy (skips noise, footsteps are audible). But these shortcomings can be avoided by using modern means for noise insulation - special substrates for laminate or parquet. Substrates are made of polyethylene 2 mm thick and made of natural cork. The cork substrate is more expensive, as the cork is a natural material that is considered more environmentally friendly. The substrate is not nailed to the floor, but simply placed on it before starting work.

  • Features of care

If you decide to make a parquet floor in the kitchen, immediately get special care for it. The mop, which you wash the floors, should be only slightly moistened, and in the vacuum cleaner you should not use the "steam" function. Laminate is also sensitive to moisture, but to a much lesser extent than the parquet board. Household chemistry in the process of washing the floor is not recommended.

  • Laminate and parquet board service life

In appearance, the parquet board seems to be a brittle coating, but with proper care it can serve up to 30 years. To prolong the life of a parquet board it is possible due to restoration and polishing, but these procedures can be done approximately 4 times for the whole period. Laminate serves from 7 to 20 years. A coating with a high wear class lasts longer. Extends the life of the laminate and proper care for it.

  • Flooring price
The structure of the laminate is simpler, but this does not affect its technical characteristics

A more simple laminate structure affects its price, but not the quality

The quality laminate is not much inferior in price to the parquet board, so when deciding on the appropriateness of purchasing a floor covering, be guided by its properties and take into account the features of the room for which this coating is intended.

Determine the choice of flooring

It turns out that the parquet board is durable. The surface can be updated. Laminate of an average price category serves no more than 8 years. Folk craftsmen came up with ways to restore the laminate, but the method is quite expensive. Easier to buy a new cover, at the same time changing and coloring.

What some consider a lack of laminate, others recognize its dignity. The material, of course, in comparison with the parquet board, is short-lived, but there is also a positive moment: it's not a pity to part with it. Abroad, where people change apartments and offices quite often, this material is very popular. Laminate is not afraid of ladies' pins, movies on which your children may want to go around the house, metal models of cars. Laminate can be laid even where you are most likely not to risk laying a parquet board (in the kitchen, for example).

A few words about laying parquet and laminate flooring

Laying the laminate, as well as the parquet board, should be carried out according to the principle "you do not know how - do not take it". In any case, the coating brought from the store should be left in the room and left for at least two days so that the material is "settled", accustomed to the humidity and air temperature in this room.

For laying a laminate and a parquet board it is better to invite professional masters for floor coverings, rather than folk craftsmen who put it quickly, crookedly, inexpensively. In terms of laying laminate - the material is pretty cranky, and there is only one chance to put it right. It is not glued to the floor, but laid "in a floating way" - the boards are connected to each other using the "spike-groove" method. Therefore, the laminate is removed very easily. One thing is bad - it is removed once and for all. If you removed the lamp, you can not put it in another room.

The process of laying the floor covering is simple, fast and does not take a lot of time thanks to carefully designed parts

Manufacturers have ensured that the work on laying the floor is simple and not very labor intensive

If you invited masters on the laminate, make sure that they do not stick the boards to the floor, especially on the PVA glue. Laminate first swells, then cringes. If it is necessary to use glue, let it be a special glue, which is produced especially for the laminate. Take care also that the craftsmen do not put the boards parallel to the window. The light from the window should fall parallel to the boards, otherwise the joints will be visible.

If the floor is uneven, before you begin work on laying the floor covering, it must be leveled.

Let's sum up:

  • Parquet board requires special care. Laminate is not afraid of temperature changes and mechanical effects.
  • For manufacturing of a parquet board use a natural tree, and for a laminate - synthetic materials.
  • The design of the laminate is much more diverse.
  • The floor on which the parquet board is laid is beautiful, warm, noiseless.
  • The parquet board lasts much longer.
  • Laminate is usually cheaper than a parquet board.
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