Cleaning carpets and carpets at home: folk remedies or vanish

Cleaning carpets and carpets at home: folk remedies or vanish

Cleaning carpets and carpets at home: folk remedies or vanish

Modern floor coverings amaze with the variety, but, despite it, carpets do not lose popularity. If you decide to choose or have already chosen this floor covering in your home, you will not be prevented from knowing how to clean the carpet at home and how to remove various spots from it. We are ready to share the secrets of caring for the carpet.

To carpet for a long time to maintain an attractive appearance, it needs periodic cleaning

The timely cleaning of carpets allows them to retain an attractive appearance for a long time

When carpet cleaning is necessary

Sometimes the carpet is externally clean, but it smells bad. It happens, if he lies in the kitchen, where he absorbs the smells of food. Also absorbs the smells of pets. Cleaning is necessary if the carpet has become dusty over time. And finally, if you planted on the cover an annoying spot. You just need to apply a foam solution "Vanish for carpets" on the surface of the carpet, and after a while vacuum it. Meanwhile, cleaning is not limited to using this, undoubtedly, a good tool.

Carpet stains can be removed with modern detergents

With carpets from modern materials, you can remove the most complex spot

The choice of how to clean the carpet depends on the type of product and the way it is soiled. If the length of the pile and the thickness are different, you need to clean it in different ways. All without exception, coatings in time collect particles of dirt and dust. Chemical cleaners act on this principle: they collect these particles of dirt, and, dissolving them, lift up, and there it is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. Instructions for using this or that product can be found on the packaging, but remember the spots. If they are on the carpet, they need to be removed and then cleaned.

How to clean a carpet at home: folk methods

Snow cleaning

In winter, many housewives clean the carpet in the snow. If you have such an opportunity, you can try to do it. First you should lay out on the surface of pure snow, put snow on the top with a broom, wait a little while it melts, and then sweep away the snow. The procedure can be repeated several times.

At the end of the cleaning you will see how much dirt remains from your carpet in the snow. The housewives sometimes just amazed, and they are sure that they cleaned the carpet thoroughly. In fact, chemical cleaning is much more effective. If they form a thick foam that pushes dirt onto the surface, the snow forms water, which, on the contrary, settles down the pile, pounding the dirt even deeper. Part of the dust, of course, goes to the snow, but some remain in the carpet.

Snow cleaning is good for those who do not get chemical home cleaning (for example, if someone has an allergy).

With the help of snow you can refresh old and dusty carpet

Traditional carpet cleaning with snow refreshes paint and removes dust well

Carpet cleaning with salt and brewing

You will need a large table salt, which should be densely sprinkled with carpets. Salt should lie on it for a while, then a hard broom soaked in hot soapy water, sweep the salt. Rinse the broom in hot water as it gets dirty.

If you have a dark palace, you can clean it with tea brew. After it, the color will be much fresh. Well wring out the spilled tea leaves, scatter it on the carpet, and after a while, sweep it with a broom.

Sawdust, gasoline and detergent

Do not believe it, but with this mixture you can clean the carpet. First, prepare a mixture of gasoline and detergent, taking the components in equal amounts, moisten it with sawdust, and then evenly distribute them on the surface and sweep the broom after a while.

A solution of vinegar


Vinegar, like tea tea, perfectly refreshes the color. First vacuum the carpet, and then prepare a solution of vinegar (a tablespoon of vinegar per liter of water). Moisten the brush with the prepared solution and clean the carpet in the direction of the pile.

You can clean the carpet of the house, using effective detergents

Modern effective detergents allow you to clean carpets at home

How to remove stains from the carpet

All the above methods can clean the carpet of the house only if there are no stains on it. If they are available, folk remedies are invented for them. The choice of this or that cleaning method depends on the nature, "age" and the size of the spot. If you remove fresh stains, they should always be blotted from the edges to the center (regardless of the type of contamination). If you rub the opposite (from the center to the edge), the spot will only become larger.

If the carpet is lying in the kitchen, it is likely that stains from fat, alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee, cocoa, juices appear on it.

A universal stain remover will do so. It is necessary to take one part of any dishwashing detergent (always colorless), ¼ cup of ammonia, the same amount of vinegar, add 8 spoonfuls of water to the mixture. As a rule, such a remedy removes any stains. Apply it to the stain and rub from the edges to the center, and then clean it with a vacuum cleaner. If you can not get rid of the stain, contact a dry cleaner.

Cleaning the carpet with special appliances becomes less time consuming

To remove stains, you can use special tools

Spots from alcohol are removed as follows. First they should be wiped with detergent solution in warm water, then rinse with a solution of vinegar and warm water.

Stains from red wine and juices, both fruit and vegetable, are well emitted by water with ammonia. If spots of coffee, cocoa or tea appear on your rug, remove them with a solution of cold water with glycerin (one tablespoon of glycerin per liter of water).

It's hardest to remove stains from colognes and perfumes. If your palace has suffered such a fate, try removing the stains with warm water, in which a good detergent is dissolved.

Spots from mayonnaise and other sauces are removed in the same way as fatty spots - warm water with powder washing or gasoline. From these two ingredients, make a gruel and put it on the stain.

How to clean a wool carpet

Woolen carpets are a special kind of floor covering. They are very beautiful and pleasant to touch, environmentally friendly. But without proper care, they lose their attractive appearance pretty quickly. To clean the wool carpet, it is advisable to use a washing vacuum cleaner and a special cleaner for cleaning such types of carpets, as well as a soft brush.

Once a week, do a dry cleaning - just vacuum it. It is not recommended to use a brush with loop pile. It is recommended to take out a woolen carpet on the street once a year and knock it out. Knock out until until it stops pouring dust.

Wool carpet needs to be cleaned carefully

Carpets of natural wool should be cleaned, observing the precautionary measures

The easiest way to clean a wool rug - with the help of large table salt. Sprinkle it, leave for half an hour, then note the salt with a wet broom.

Wet cleaning is carried out once a month. Buy for this purpose a special neutral foaming solution - "shampoo for cleaning carpets." The product should be designed specifically for woolen carpets. Using an ordinary means can damage both the color and the structure of the carpet.

Remember that a wool carpet should never be rubbed against a pile. Before wet cleaning, be sure to perform a dry cleaning. It is not recommended to use hard brushes for cleaning.

How to clean a vanish carpet

The most popular way for modern housewives is to use the "Vanish for Carpets" remedy. And this is not because the "carpet-owners" do not trust the people's means, but only because they are too lazy to prepare solutions and gruel, to spill up salt or to save spilled brewing. How to use Wanish?

Work with

Carpet cleaning with the use of professional equipment and cleaning products gives an excellent result

It is necessary to mix one part of the concentrated product (shampoo for carpets) with nine parts of water. The water should be warm, but not hot - about 40 degrees. "Vanish" must be whipped into a foam. It is the foam used for cleaning - the raising of dust and dirt on the surface of the carpet is based on the fact that the air bubbles rise together with the dirt. Therefore, whisk the solution thoroughly.

Apply the foam to the entire surface, for this, take a sponge or brush. When the entire surface is covered with foam, proceed directly to the cleaning. Use the same brush or sponge. Foam is rubbed into the carpet in circular motions, especially carefully do it in places where there are spots. If there are stains, splash "Vanish" (concentrated, from the bottle) on the stain a few minutes before the beginning of cleansing.

Vacuum cleaners today are often used for cleaning carpets

A popular method of cleaning carpets today is cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

How to extend the life of carpets

To not have to think about how to clean the carpet of stains, it is better to carry out preventive cleaning from time to time. If a stain is planted, it is better to proceed immediately to eliminate it: a fresh spot is removed better and easier.

Clean carpet improves the atmosphere in the room

Clean floor cover creates an atmosphere of coziness and well-being in the room

If you are cleaning the house, do not use very hot water, especially if it is woolen.

Make sure that after washing or cleaning your carpet quickly dry because long dampness destroys the structure of the carpet. He then quickly wears off, and, therefore, does not serve long.

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