Corner set with a bar counter and without the design of a small kitchen and spacious studio

Corner set with a bar counter and without the design of a small kitchen and spacious studio

Corner set with a bar counter and without the design of a small kitchen and spacious studio

Comfortable and ergonomic corner kitchen set has long enjoyed the love of housewives, as it solves space saving issues and creates a comfortable work area. Through the corner kitchen it's easy to emphasize the interior style of the room and adjust its dimensions. Photos of kitchen sets with a bar counter can serve as a clue how best to push the boundaries of a small room, effectively use the area of ​​a large hall, zonirovat studio apartment.

Advantages of corner kitchens

The demand in the corner sets appeared thanks to the layout of the kitchen facilities. Typically, one wall of typical kitchens is occupied by window openings, the second serves to house the dining room, there are two walls and an angle between them - it is in this space that they arrange a functional work area. In other words, the corner kitchen set is located along two adjacent walls.

kitchen set

Corner kitchen set in classic style

Filling of corner models does not differ from usual linear sets:

  • working surface - tables, sink, stove;
  • wall furniture - cupboards, closed and open shelves, mezzanine;
  • built-in modern appliances - refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher;
  • convenient accessories - rails, stands, internal storage systems.

However, there are features that are specific for such structures: for example, the angular arrangement of the sink or a special retractable storage system for a corner cabinet featuring an increased volume.

Functional "carousel" for the corner module

Advantages of corner kitchen sets:

  • increase the working area due to the angle module;
  • capacity, allowing to arrange the necessary utensils and dishes;
  • ergonomics - the distance between the main objects (refrigerator - sink - stove) is reduced;
  • compactness, convenient for small apartments;
  • Maximum use of the angle (convenient arrangement of the sink of a larger size).

Another advantage concerns the now-traditional element - the bar counter. It is convenient for zoning, as it neatly separates the working area from the dining room or living room in the studio apartment. There is a great opportunity to choose the design of the bar, which depends entirely on its purpose and style interior features.

kitchen counter

Laconic execution of a bar rack

Within the bar, you can arrange a real bar with vintage wines or soft drinks, a small rack, a closed locker. Despite the limited dimensions of the countertop, it is convenient to place kitchen appliances, bookshelves or a glazed display cabinet beneath it. The shape of the rack can be changed depending on the style.

Which is better: a finished project or kitchen to order

Clear desire to purchase a corner design always puts before a choice: to buy a ready set (2-3 days in view of delivery and installation), to order a model according to its size (1-2 months) or to try to realize the original project with your own hands (1 month + ... ). Of course, the third option is possible only if you have carpentry and carpentry skills. Consider all three types of kitchen sets - each of them has its own advantages.

Advantages of factory sets

With a lack of free time and unlimited material possibilities, you can always buy ready-made kitchen furniture. The presence of modules of various sizes allows you to "fit" the suite to the area of ​​a small or inconvenient for the layout of the room. By the way, among the fashion models there are also budget models, made of chipboard and MDF.

Collection "Daniela" of the domestic manufacturer - furniture company Maria

The choice of models is simply huge - from democratic options of a modest laconic design of domestic production to the famous Italian brands that can decorate elite cuisine. Russian brands are always on hearing:

  • Stolplit;
  • Maria;
  • Borovichi;
  • Shatura;
  • Zietta;
  • Call;
  • Announcement;
  • Planet of cuisine, etc.

Among the foreign brands are Leroy Merlin, Arca, Scavolini, Brummel Cucine, IKEA, although it is pointless to list well-known brands - only Italian manufacturers on the Russian market more than two hundred. Each of them produces in the year at least ten new models, modular and complex, in different styles and configurations.


Kitchen Impero Italian factory Concreta (Konkrata)

What else, apart from an acceptable price and a wide range, is the factory model good? Simplicity of purchase, which includes both quick design, and professional installation, and prompt response to possible shortcomings in the maintenance.

kitchen set

A set with a bar counter - a classic from L'OTTOCENTO

Prices for factory products depend on many factors: brand popularity, material of manufacture, style, design. In addition, it is always possible to find an inexpensive compact model for the Khrushchev, and a luxury suite for multi-meter apartments.

Custom-made furniture according to your own design

No matter how rich the assortment of factory products is, custom-made kitchen furniture is becoming more popular. The reasons for this choice lie in the design of modern apartments, in individual, sometimes too small sizes (sometimes even the extra 10-15 cm are important) and in the possibility of realizing one's own idea.

bar counter

Black satin and bar counter

The phrase "Do not you have the same, but with mother-of-pearl buttons?" Is more relevant than ever - sometimes an inappropriate shade of the facade or the shape of the fittings does not satisfy the customer's taste. In this case, the algorithm of actions is simple: make an individual project by its size, think about design, go to the company for the production of kitchen furniture and make an order, specifying in advance the material of manufacture, the type of decoration and accessories, the terms of readiness, warranty conditions.


The traditional combination of red and white

As a model for achieving the desired result, you can bring a sketch or drawing, as well as provide photos of corner kitchen sets with a bar counter, an "island" or a dining room group. Your goal is to convey your idea to the performer as accurately as possible and in detail.

cheerful lime

Bright cheerful lime

If you want a professional approach to choosing a project, ask for help from an experienced designer. A good specialist will help you determine the material and design. In addition, he will tell you where it is better to build a technique or how to make the filling of kitchen cabinets more comfortable for use, how to choose style and design.

Assembling the corner model with your own hands

The most difficult way to furnish the kitchen with new furniture is to make it yourself with chipboard, chipboard, MDF or solid wood. This overwhelming decision for housewives is quite suitable for skilled craftsmen whose work or hobby is related to the processing of wood. A small corner kitchen set made of solid pine or ash is a great option for a country house, which is often decorated in country style.


On the photo - a kitchen set of solid pine, made by own hands

Before you start, you need to accurately imagine the appearance of the future headset. A visual reference can be a photo, a sketch, a sketch made by hand, or a project compiled with a computer program. In the Internet, it's easy to find several free online designers and choose more convenient. A great place to find the right design - virtual photo galleries.


Sketch of a compact corner set

Having created a sketch or a layout, it is necessary to calculate the dimensions, at the same time it is necessary to take into account the design of the kitchen and the layout features - the location of the vent, water and sewage pipes, the presence of suspended structures, niches, ledges, window and door openings. Think about the possibility of erecting a podium (actual for a warm floor) or an island, include a bar in the project, which is an excellent limiter.


Dimensional drawing

After drafting the project, the most difficult will remain - to acquire the right material, prepare the details and assemble the headset. Small products (shelves, lockers) can be built independently, and the countertop or complex elements can be made to order if desired. Design can be borrowed from professionals - many beautiful photos are posted on thematic sites.

Selecting the size of the corner kitchen unit

Dimensions of the kitchen set completely depend on the size of the kitchen, so when choosing a small or large model, you should start from the possibilities of the room. Consider the design projects of kitchens of various sizes to highlight their features and benefits.

Design solutions for large spaces

The possibilities of spacious premises are endless. There are several options for locating the L-shaped structure. The most popular is the placement of modules along two adjacent blind walls. Thus, the hall remains completely free and is used as a dining room. In the center of the room set a large table with a set of chairs, and in the piers between the windows or on the opposite wall from the kitchen - a buffet or a small serving table.


Kitchen-dining room in classic style

If the room is too large, experienced designers advise to use in the interior design additional furniture modules or "island", which is increasingly found in the photo in the interior glossy. The appearance and filling of the kitchen island depends on the functional tasks assigned to it. If earlier it was just a large stove installed in the center of the room, today - and a stove, and a sink, and a dining table. One of the great examples is in the photo.

kitchen Design

A luxurious combination of a sink, a work table and a dining area

A noteworthy solution is the placement of one of the "wings" of the angular structure along the wall on which the windows are located. Previously, projects of this type were chosen for small spaces with a space deficit, but designers so much liked designers and furniture makers that they began to use it in spacious rooms.

working surface

The working surface is moved to the window

Rooms of a large area are difficult to call kitchens. Rather, they are cozy kitchen-dining rooms or kitchen-living rooms, where they not only cook and eat, but also meet guests, hold celebrations, gather for any family occasion.

Compact headsets for a small kitchen

A small kitchenette area of ​​5-6 m² is more difficult to furnish than a 20-meter room, but some tricks help to create a truly comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The advantage of a miniature kitchen in its size - everything is at hand. This factor can be used by maximizing the use of wall cabinets.

corner set

Classic design of a compact corner set

It has become fashionable to expand the space of the kitchenette by demolishing one of the walls. As a result of repairs on the place of the kitchen, a capacious niche is formed, as if created for the installation of a corner set. The difference from the usual room is that the dining room is taken out of the working area, and thanks to the combined space of the two rooms, the tightness disappears completely. It is in this situation for a small kitchen is ideally suited kitchen set with a bar counter.

bar counter

Example of organizing a small kitchen area with a bar counter

The amount of small-sized housing does not decrease, so the choice of small corner kitchens for Khrushchev is still relevant. Here are some ways to save space and increase the functionality of a tight room:

  • use of built-in appliances;
  • maximum load of wall and floor modules;
  • Organization of an additional working area on the windowsill;
  • a choice of a light scale for decoration of facades and wall decoration;
  • replacement of a dining table by a bar rack or a sliding panel;
  • use of multifunctional built-in storage systems.

It is possible to fully engage the corner by placing a mobile unit under the sink for storing pots, in a wall cupboard - a carousel for dishes.


The traditional solution is the drawers

Selecting a small kitchen set, do not forget about additional lighting: several LED lamps above the stove or sink will facilitate the cooking process and improve the design.

Models with a bar rack for a studio apartment

Studio rooms give vent to fantasy, but with one caveat: in the studio, apart from the kitchen-dining room, there is also a bedroom, so the compactness of the kitchen headset should be kept. Great importance is attached to zoning, dividing the space into 2-3 functional areas. In the photo - a fashionable studio in the loft style.

kitchen Design

Freedom and rudeness - design features

When ordering a headset, you need to reflect on the originality of the corner kitchen design with a bar counter. The role of the border separating the kitchen area from the main room can be played by any piece of furniture - a dining table, a sofa, a small shelving, a bookcase with flowers and even an aquarium. But the most popular element is the bar counter. It is convenient and practical: during lunch it is easy to follow the stove or watch TV, located on the opposite side of the room, besides the rack does not spoil the design.


Bar counter plays the role of a dining table

If the area does not allow the placement of a three-dimensional structure, the bar rack can be made small, compact, consisting of just a few elements. In a limited room, its functionality increases: this is a dining table, and an auxiliary storage system. To decorate the interior, you can place a wardrobe with beautiful stained-glass windows under the countertop instead of a blind cabinet.

bar counter

Bar counter in the role of an additional cabinet

In the process of selecting a headset, one should not forget about the rules of interior design, including the unity of style and color performance.

Features of interior style

Choosing a set, you will be surprised by the variety of ready models. The classic is leading with its smooth lines, laconic, but expressive decor. In the assortment of any factory there are several collections of classical style, and the manufacturer tries to produce models in different colors.

angled design

Original corner design

As for small and spacious rooms, minimalism is actual - smooth surfaces, minimal decor, restraint and severity.

combination of furniture and walls

Contrasting combination of furniture and walls

Do not go out of fashion elegant dynamic modern, allowing various decorations, bends, unusual shapes and a freer design.


Set in a gentle palette

The Provence is attractive - warm, fresh, with simple but thoughtful details and pastel shades.

kitchen-dining room

Turquoise kitchen-dining room

When choosing an interior direction, do not forget about the Scandinavian style - light, neat, devoid of luxury, but very comfortable and practical.


Open space and lots of light

And for fans of glitz and glamor - enchanting and rich art deco.


The magnificence of black gloss

Each style in its own way is good and attractive: the photos of popular models will help you decide on the appropriate option.

Video: corner kitchens in the interior

Video review of a compact headset:

A variety of small corner kitchen designs:

Useful tips for the arrangement of the kitchen:

The choice of a kitchen set is a fascinating and cognitive occupation. Particularly interesting are the angular variants that open up wide possibilities for interior design. You can buy a ready-made set or make furniture to order, but do not forget about the practicality and ergonomics of kitchen furniture, and also try to take into account the advice of designers and furniture makers.

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