The subtleties of the design of a comfortable kitchenette of 2 by 2 meters

The subtleties of the design of a comfortable kitchenette of 2 by 2 meters

The subtleties of the design of a comfortable kitchenette of 2 by 2 meters

The design of a small kitchen is no less relevant than the design of a large room. Small kitchens in old typical buildings are not uncommon. Kitchen design 2 by 2 meters can be aesthetic and comfortable, you just need to give this work due attention.

In a tiny room it is important to use each centimeter rationally, then there is room for everything necessary. For kitchen 2 by 2 meters, furniture must be made to order - furniture of a standard size in such a room can not fit or take up all the useful space.

A rational solution is to use as many shelves and hanging cabinets as possible. They can accommodate everything you need, and the room will not be cluttered with things.

Choose a convenient layout for a tiny kitchen

For a small kitchen, a straight or L-shaped layout will be convenient. Before you order furniture, it is better to determine where that will be located.

Kitchen in one line

In a direct kitchen, the furniture is located in a line along the wall. In one row near the working wall you can install a refrigerator, a sink and a stove. Above the stove is a hood, over the refrigerator and sink - hanging cupboards. There may still be room for the desktop.


A direct kitchen with a stove in the center, a sink and a cutting table

If there is one tenant in the apartment, a small refrigerator can be conveniently located under the countertop. A plate for 4 burners can be replaced with a two-burner panel - a cutting space will be added.

You can install a refrigerator in the corridor, if the area allows. Store products in another room is not very convenient, but a useful place in the kitchen will increase.


Direct kitchen, where everything is compactly placed, except the refrigerator. A small hood allows you to place a cabinet above it

L-shaped layout

In a corner kitchen, the corner usually occupies a sink, next to it there is a table and a hob. The space at the window or at the free wall can be used to install a small table-transformer.

kitchen layout

L-shaped kitchen layout


The layout of furniture and household appliances in a corner kitchen measuring 2.420 m at 1.890 m - convenient arrangement of the working area

U-shaped kitchen

In a square kitchen it is convenient to arrange furniture in the shape of the letter P, in this case the area of ​​the window sill may serve as a working area, and the transformer table after use can be removed under the windowsill.


The room with a U-shaped layout, where everything is well placed

A full dining area in the kitchen of such an area for a family of two or more people can not be created. For meals in the kitchen, you will have to use a folding table or a folding table and folding chairs. The worktop with rounded edges or round shape will be convenient, because in close contact with sharp angles is inevitable.

red apron

A bright red apron sets the mood for a snow-white interior


Sharp corners are best to iron out


Functional design

Additional solutions

  • If there is a balcony near by, the dining area can be moved there. You can combine the space of the kitchen and the balcony and increase the area of ​​the room.
  • Many prefer to combine the working area with the living room at the expense of the corridor. In this case, you need to put a good hood, so that the smells do not spread into the living room.
  • The table can be replaced by a bar counter attached to the wall, if this option suits the hosts.

Folding table

How to make the kitchen more spacious visually

Light colors of furniture and finishes

In a tiny room, designers are not advised to use too bright colors, contrasting color combinations. It is better to stop the choice in neutral and light colors - white, cream, silver, gray. The floor should also be light, in a small room the dark floor sharply limits space.

Use of glossy and glass surfaces

Glassed cabinets, glossy surfaces, mirrors (if there is room for them), furniture from plexiglas will fill the room with freshness, make it visually more spacious. Wallpaper is better to choose a plain or with an elegant pattern in the pastel.


Paying attention to lighting

Proper lighting can also visually increase the space and make the room cozier:

  • In addition to the main one, use a source of artificial light above each zone;
  • can be built into the lockers built-in lamps - lighting every corner, they visually make the room more spacious;
  • from dense and dark curtains it is better to refuse and to choose for a kitchenette light transparent short curtains, curtains; very comfortable and look great color blinds, roll and Roman blinds.

How to make a small kitchen comfortable

A few simple recommendations will create a practical and comfortable interior:

  • order furniture specially for a room 2x2 m with reduced table dimensions and cabinet depth;
  • to rationally organize space, buy compact-sized appliances;
  • multifunctional furniture and furnishings - a sill-top, a transformer-table, a folding table will make finding in a mini-kitchen comfortable;
  • pay attention to the built-in technology - you can buy a hob, which is retracted into a niche or deployed vertically.

Kitchen 3 by 2 meters - a little more options

The kitchen design of 2 meters by 3 meters can be functional and spectacular. This is the standard size of the kitchen in Khrushchev, designers already have considerable experience in the design of such interiors.

In the kitchen 2x3 meters can be given more attention to the creation of the dining area. In the room there will be a small dining table and 2-3 chairs. The round top is ergonomic, and looks very original. Under it, you can choose chairs with sloping seat-such furniture is safer.


Designers risked using red color in the kitchen 2x3 meters, and did not lose. With the expanded arch aperture in it there was all necessary and it looks aesthetically and attractively

Kitchen 3 by 2 meters does not look cramped due to the light tones of furniture and interior details, glass surfaces, suspended ceiling with a mirror effect

Council. The hosts usually want something to decorate the room, but the use of decorative details in a small room can create the impression of clutter and crowdedness. In the kitchenette, a decorative detail that attracts attention can become an original wall clock, a small picture or a glass panel was discarded.

Panel skinned in the working area, harmonizing in color with furniture, will help create a unique interior, turning a tiny room into a cozy corner. The glass apron is not only beautiful, but also practical - it is easy to take care of.


Skinali with direct arrangement of furniture and household appliances

corner kitchen

Skinali in the working area of ​​the corner kitchen

The right style for a kitchenette

For the design of the kitchen of a small square two styles suit: minimalism and classics. Let's consider the features of each.

Classics - always relevant

It is a style of "expensive simplicity", where classical smooth lines prevail, conservatism and symmetry. Classics involves the use of massive furniture from expensive natural materials. The color range is from beige to brown.

The inherent style of heaviness can make the room very tight visually, so you need to order furniture in view of the size of the room. In general, the kitchen in this style looks neat, solemn and solid (even very small).

Minimalism - neat and laconic

Ideal for small kitchen design. Characteristic features of the style are restrained colors, functionality, use of a minimum of objects, space saving.

Minimalism is a popular modern style, where modern technologies and multifunctional furniture are widely used.


As you can see, even the smallest kitchen can be a very cozy corner, where everything you need is at hand. The main thing is to rationally use space, light, color, adhere to the rules of visual expansion of space and style.

Video: examples of small kitchen design

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