Kitchen design by own hands: interesting ideas for decorating walls, ceilings, windows and furniture

Kitchen design by own hands: interesting ideas for decorating walls, ceilings, windows and furniture

Kitchen design by own hands: interesting ideas for decorating walls, ceilings, windows and furniture

Creative creatures can not live beautifully. If you are such a person, and you have at your disposal a whole kitchen, you can easily carry out the decorative repair of the kitchen with your own hands, and also decorate the walls, ceiling, windows and furniture. The first step is to think over the kitchen design and choose the general style of the kitchen interior, and then to work out the decor elements and determine their location.

How to decorate the kitchen with your own hands

Decorating the kitchen with your own hands is a complicated but interesting activity

Design of the ceiling in the kitchen

To begin decorative repair follows that all furniture is moved to other rooms. Then comes the turn of the ceiling. How can I apply my artistic abilities? The ceiling can be designed nontrivially and simply, pasted it with expanded polystyrene tiles. If the tiles without a pattern, then around the lamp you can cut patterns from another tile - flowers, curls. Yes, and the tile itself can be turned into an elegant little thing with a thin, reminiscent of forged, pattern. To do this, you will need a car acrylic mirror paint "for metallic."

The effect of elite metal tiles on the ceiling can be obtained by correctly selecting the paint

The painted ceiling tile looks like an elite metal

You can buy a rosette under a chandelier and paint it with acrylic persistent paints. Be sure to buy paint in spray cans, in car shops, otherwise you risk painting the object unevenly.

A well-chosen outlet for a kitchen lamp will become a real decoration of the kitchen

The socket for the kitchen lamp can become an important element of the interior decor

Another, simple and practical version of the ceiling decor is the installation of wall panels. It looks almost like a suspended ceiling, only it's much easier.

There is a variant with a picture on the ceiling, in the event that you are a real creator. Look how it might look like. Oil paints, primer, kitchen ceiling.

Did not find the right option for your kitchen? Then look at some more options for decorating the ceiling in the kitchen.

Bright and colorful ceiling painting can create a unique atmosphere in the kitchen

The original plot of ceiling painting is able to completely transform the kitchen

Wall decoration by own hands

Then smoothly go to the unusual repair of the walls. First, to revive the ceiling space, you can put pasted patterns along the perimeter on the walls. Or draw them. Suitable cherries, vegetables, fruits. Or strict classical patterns, depending on the style. For modern cuisine, you can recommend Greek ornaments. If you create an interior with your own hands without stencils, then the ornaments are suitable floral.

To decorate the kitchen is often used ceiling skirting

The skirting board in the kitchen due to its decorative features has become a popular decoration

For the decoration of the wall you can place small installations, like a flock of butterflies, or pictures - within or directly on the wall.

Geographic maps may well replace paintings on the walls of the kitchen

The original way of decor: instead of paintings you can use geographic maps

The choice of wallpaper, too, need to be treated more reverently than usual. After all, later you will need to select a decor for them. When the wallpaper is monochrome, everything is much simpler. But if with an intricate openwork pattern, the decor may not be needed.

To create a carefree atmosphere in the kitchen, it is recommended to use bright wallpaper with an unusual pattern

The wallpaper with a whimsical bright pattern seems to be transferred to another, colorful and carefree world


Or, for example, leave the wallpaper and prefer a tile. On which also sometimes amusing funny, lovely or classic images in order to diversify the perception of the interior.

Still life on the kitchen theme looks good on the working wall

The panel with the thematic still life harmoniously fits in almost any interior

In addition, the tiles can be laid out in diamonds or in staggered order. Or even create a unique schematic pattern, similar to pixels.

Chess tiling of ceramic tiles has a unique charm and attractiveness

For a kitchen in a naive style, chess tiling

Next, on the wall in the kitchen, it will be wonderful to play and glitter a mirror mosaic. Order similar is quite easy on foreign Internet auctions. In hi-tech and euromoney, the mirror will look wonderful. The more glare, gloss, glass and metal, the better.

An unusual way to decorate the kitchen wall is a mirror mosaic

Mirror mosaic on the kitchen wall - a non-trivial way of decorating

After walls we turn our exacting gaze to the floors.

We equip kitchen floors

Create a creative floor in the kitchen is not so simple. Here, pesky scrubbing from vegetables, crumbs, and ketchup is constantly accumulated. Because the floors are preferably made yet smooth, with a minimum of terrain. But there is room for irrepressible creative thought.

First, you can choose an amazing linoleum. Such that involuntarily pleases the eye. With amazing ornamentation, magic drawing. It is worth looking!

A similar linoleum is sold abroad

This original linoleum immediately attracts attention

Secondly, you can stay on the classic wooden floor. Plaques will need to be laid out in an artistic order, better according to a previously found scheme. Or do not obstruct yourself and purchase custom-made art parquet.

Art parquet is ideal for the kitchen-dining room, because its decorative possibilities are endless

Artistic parquet is ideal for a kitchen-dining room, but will require careful care and caution

Thirdly, do not forget that for the floor and stone and tiles.

Skirting boards also do not ignore: they can play an important role in the interior.

Decoration of furniture

The main thing behind, did you have fun celebrating the end of the repair? You will find an exciting process of the next phase - buying and decorating furniture. Furniture for creative cuisine, where you create your own interior, you can do the same - with your own hands. But it is better to attract a private craftsman, or a designer furniture company. So your set does not turn the whole room into a dull, boring one.

The decoration of kitchen furniture can be very original

Creative approach to the design of kitchen furniture will please an unusual result

By the way, experiments with colors are just right for kitchens. Take a look at this masterpiece of fantasy thoughts of the owners of the house.

The classic combination of watermelon pink and black looks good in any interior

The classic combination of watermelon pink and black allows you to create a refined and stylish interior

Beautiful furniture can make not only the master-manufacturer, but also the owner. So, when applying a certain composition on the surface of the tree, you can achieve an unusual shade, or the effect of aging. Furniture immediately turns out like an elite.

So it looks like artificially aged furniture, which is used for interiors in a rustic style

In some styles artificially aged furniture fits very harmoniously

Looks charming and contrasting drawings, and stickers on the open panels of furniture. Such a new home designer can create. It is enough to cut out the stencil, or buy adhesive paper in the wallpaper-building materials store.

Stickers on kitchen furniture have high decorative features

Stickers on kitchen furniture have become very popular today due to the availability and high decorative

Choosing fixtures

Since light creates a light or depressing mood, kitchen fixtures must always choose elegant, simple and do not strain their cumbersome. They will be difficult to launder. The original solution is a chandelier fan.

Chandelier-fan - a successful model for urban kitchens

With such a multifunctional chandelier, the air in the kitchen becomes fresh

Windows and doorways

Along the doorways, recall, look great ornaments, alphabetic lines. And on the windows you can create something wonderful with simple stained-glass paints, sold in any art salon. Or, for example, decorate the window with lace. Not curtains, and pasted on the glass-plastic lace looks impressive and stunning.

The decoration of the kitchen window will show what the imagination of the owner of an apartment is capable of

In the design of the kitchen window, the fantasy of the owner is practically unlimited

Curtains can be an amazing complement to the interior. One of the fashionable notable trends is the use of Roman curtains in the kitchen.

Roman curtains in the kitchen are becoming more popular

Roman curtains in the kitchen - a practical option, featuring high aesthetic qualities

Also, English curtains warm the soul of the owners of sewing machines prone to hand-made. In the kitchen at the very time will have a product of sewing creativity. Schemes and patterns of English curtains are simple.

English curtains in the kitchen serve as evidence of luxury and taste

English curtains in the kitchen will emphasize the luxury and sophistication of the environment

In conclusion, we can say that the creation of a unique interior design is within the power of everyone. Do not forget to visit the thematic sites often on the theme of kitchen design!

Design experiments in the kitchen will please the brave with an unusually joyful atmosphere

The combination of incongruous colors and furnishings allows creating an interior saturated with fun, joy and carelessness

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