How interesting and budgetary to remake old furniture with their own hands

How interesting and budgetary to remake old furniture with their own hands

How interesting and budgetary to remake old furniture with their own hands

Do not rush to throw away old furniture - give her a new life. Loved interior objects with deformed doors, curved side racks, peeled lacquered coating, shaky fittings and unfashionable handles can be changed on their own at home. Usually the alteration of old furniture does not require large financial costs and any specific skills and skills. The main thing is that you need to update the desire to create.

Converting a kitchen set with your own hands

The kitchen is the most visited place in the apartment. Therefore, the kitchen set very quickly loses its attractive appearance:

  • wear out accessories, because of this door sagging and there are uneven gaps between the facades,
  • the doors bend, curl, swell and crack because of temperature changes and exposure to moisture,
  • erased the outer layer of the countertop,
  • on the body and the facade part adhere drops of fat, dust and dirt,
  • rusted handles and other metal accessories.

You can arrange kitchen furniture in two ways: go to the furniture department to order new facades and countertops, or do restoration yourself.

The easiest way to perform is the repainting of the facades. True, this method is suitable only for doors made of solid, frame and dyed MDF. Laminated MDF and MDF film are not recommended.

'ффект патины

The effect of patina on the frame MDF


Repainting the doors of the cupboard in white

decoupage of kitchen furniture

Decoupage of kitchen furniture

Painting kitchen set

Artistic painting kitchen set

headset with curtains

Curtains - an original alternative to conventional doors

film on kitchen doors

Bright film on kitchen doors

To give a new look to the kitchen is very easy to replace the visible furniture accessories: handles, legs (feet), plinth on the table top.

handles on furniture

New handles on kitchen furniture

In addition to the kitchen set itself, you can refresh the dining table by replacing the boring countertop with a glass countertop; stools and chairs, covering the upper part with a new cloth or decorating the legs; Change the appearance of the refrigerator according to the new look.

bracing kitchen stool

Stretching the kitchen stool

taping a film with a pattern

Pasting film with a pattern on the refrigerator

alteration of stool

Changing chairs

How to remake an old furniture wall

The main principle of reworking the furniture wall is the replacement of the front part. Here, as in the kitchen, we recommend the use of decoupage techniques, gluing of bright film, repainting doors, inserting glass instead of chipboard or MDF. It is also possible to divide the main blocks into several independent designs. The installation of new legs and handles is also relevant.


Repainting in a light tone

alteration of old furniture

Wallpaper or film on the old doors of the furniture wall

furniture design

Sticker fabric on the door

furniture restoration

Decoupage on the furniture wall

drawing on old furniture

Drawing on old furniture for the living room

vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers on facades

household rope

A household rope on a furniture wall

kitchen wall

Replacement of doors on the old wall: before and after the alteration

Restoration of chests of drawers: photo of successful transformations

A chest of drawers is most often not an independent piece of furniture, but furniture that complements a suite in a bedroom, an antechamber, a nursery, a living room. Therefore, in dealing with its alteration, it is necessary to design a chest of drawers as close as possible to the design of large structures.

cloth on the chest of drawers

Fabric on the chest of drawers

wooden facades in country style

Wooden facades in country style

furniture fittings

Film and new furniture accessories on the chest (replacement of handles, legs, gluing of the oracle

gluing of antique tulle

Pasting the antique tulle on the glass door of the dresser


Vinyl themed stickers on old furniture

decoupage of the dresser

Decoupage of the dresser "under the old days"

Ornament of beads

Ornament of beads

recolored chest of drawers

Recolored chest of drawers: youth-style remodeling

Stencil for children

Stencil for children

furniture restoration

Restoration with the skin of a substitute

New "old" bed: ideas from furniture makers

Furniture in the bedroom is always individual. It is best if it reflects the character of its owners. Therefore, when changing the bedroom set should be guided by their own preferences in choosing a new design of the bed, cabinets, bedside tables.

The most budgetary way to change the appearance of the bed is to provide it with a new back, as the rest of the structure can easily be covered with a beautiful veil. For those who do not look for easy ways, it is suggested to beat the bed with leather or textiles with a soft foam layer.


Extra soft fabric element on the back of the bed

Making a bed in a sofa

Making a bed in a sofa

Revival of the wardrobe

In the closets, the front part, that is, the doors themselves, is usually modified. And if more precisely, then insert into the sliding system. Bored wardrobe-cabinet can be updated, changing only the appearance of the facades. Moreover, in this case, it is not even necessary to disassemble the doors and change the internal filling of the profile - just apply a new pattern on the glass, paint the mirror or glue the film with colorful photos.


Self-adhesive film on the wardrobe

cabinet facade

Wallpaper, pasted on the facades of the cabinet

stickers for sliding-door wardrobe

Stickers for the closet: a budget update of old furniture

Painting on sliding doors

Painting on sliding doors

drawing by yourself

Drawing a drawing with your own hands using a stencil

leather upholstery

New Leather Upholstery Sliding Cabinet Door

Metamorphosis of children's furniture: photo gallery

Redesign of children's furniture is always fun. Here, where you can use to the maximum all your creativity, imagination and creativity. Bright colors, unusual shapes, sophisticated structures, amazing prints and many, many illustrations, stickers, soft decor.

multi-colored film

Multicolored film on facades and chairs

rework of the rack

Racking: photo before and after

Bright painted doors

Bright painted doors to the children's room

furniture in the children's room

Children's watercolor on an old wardrobe, an altered stool and a coffee table

furniture in the nursery

Furniture in a nursery from the Soviet wall

Chest painting

Chest painting

Decoupage technique

Decoupage technique for children


Interesting ideas for furniture alterations at home

An abandoned loft, a box with broken children's toys, oversized souvenirs, trash on the balcony and the like - a storehouse of the most incredible ideas for altering old furniture. In each of the places listed there is a lot of unused items that can be useful for the restoration of unsightly, neglected furniture.

knitted sweater

Knitted sweater instead of soft sitting on a chair

decor of the rack

Unnecessary roll of wallpaper as decor of the rear wall of the rack

miniature ottoman

Miniature ottoman from a broken drawer

Retro TV

Retro TV

TV cabinet

Retro TV converted into a curb: before and after photos


New puff from the car tire and twine

Photo frame

Before and after: from the old door to the new original photo frame

regiment of piano

A broken grand piano, converted into an unusual bookshelf

furniture handles made of stones

Furniture handles made of stones

knobs of twine

Knobs from twine or rope

handles from the belt

Remaking an old chest with unnecessary parquet

soft upholstery

Soft upholstery of scraps of cloth on a chair

Video: master classes from pros and amateurs

Restoration of the chest with Tikkurila materials

How to repaint old furniture yourself

 Master class: how to remake an old chair

 Painting on facades

 How to cover the kitchen with a film

Remaking by one's own hands significantly increases the service life of old furniture with minimal financial costs. An updated set or individual furniture elements necessarily acquire an individual "temperament", become much brighter and more colorful.

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