Elite kitchens - classic and avant-garde from European manufacturers

Elite kitchens – classic and avant-garde from European manufacturers

Elite kitchens - classic and avant-garde from European manufacturers

After we made a series of reviews of economy and middle-class kitchens produced for ordinary people, the rules of good taste simply oblige us to talk about kitchen furniture intended for the upper strata of society. And although representatives of the elite are unlikely to be inveterate readers of our site, perhaps, the new material at least quenches someone's curiosity. Let's talk about which premium-class kitchens are represented in the domestic salons and why they are so good that they cost such money.

What is the difference between premium and luxury

Premium furniture, elite, VIP, exclusive, luxury (forgive, komilfotno to say "laksheri"). What is it and what, in fact, are premium-class kitchens different from just good and high-quality ones? To be honest, we do not know. And we do not really understand what VIP is better (or worse) than lux. In our opinion, these often inappropriately used marketing definitions are too vague. Where does the middle class end and the premium begins? Exclusive - it's understandable, the product is high-quality, highly artistic, very expensive and, most importantly, unique - made in one copy and personally for you. It should be so, at least. But why are they selling exclusively on each corner? Who determines the brand's belonging to a particular category? Is there an objective rating of kitchen furniture that you can trust? Unfortunately, we do not have unequivocal answers to these questions.

Traditionally, the prefix "premium" receives image products, the quality of which is much higher than average. Image - this means that the producer is widely known and the glory of this kind. Admittedly, today's advertising technologies allow the formation of an attractive image of any trade mark in a short time. And it is not a fact that the quality of the product of the advertised company will fully correspond to its image. Fortunately, the specificity of the furniture market is such that it is impossible for a long time to stay on one advertisement only .

Proceeding from the above, we propose to consider as premium class kitchens first-class furniture of those brands, which for at least a decade is known to be first-class. Confirmed by buyers, interior designers, technologists. In our opinion, the "first class" or premium should meet the following requirements:

  • Recognizable, fine-tuned design.
  • High quality of components from which furniture will be collected.
  • A decent level of service, including regional. Solid companies carefully select dealers and make sure that the installation of the suites is done by local masters at the proper level.

Review of kitchen furniture of premium class

As we have already said, there is no objective rating, nor the generally accepted criteria for evaluating kitchen furniture and appliances. The boundaries between the premium-class and the middle level are vague and sometimes it is difficult to assign a certain brand to one or another category. In the CIS countries the situation is aggravated by the fact that the domestic market was formed in difficult conditions and we are still largely divorced from world trends. In addition, some domestic sellers of kitchen sets "premium-class" do not hesitate to advertise as an elite fairly mediocre furniture of foreign manufacturers, not very well-known even in their homeland.

Nevertheless, we take the liberty to make an overview of the kitchens, which, in our opinion, fully correspond to the characteristics of the "premium" set out in the previous section: excellent design, quality, service. The following is just our opinion, you can not agree. Probably, many worthy trade marks we undeservedly will bypass the party. Consider only European manufacturers, represented in Russia by solid suppliers and service providers. By the way, the leaders in the production of kitchen appliances and furniture, largely determine the further evolution of this equipment, are mostly American companies. But this is a topic for a separate conversation. So, what elite kitchens and from which countries can be ordered in domestic furniture stores:

Italy - the charm of classics and the freshness of the avant-garde

Italian cuisine of high class is appreciated all over the world primarily for the unsurpassed design and elegance of the lines. Producers carefully treat the glorious legacy of past centuries, the legendary furniture of Italian masters at all times was very much appreciated. High-quality cuisine, executed in classical traditions, but with the consideration of modern technologies, continue to please the customers year after year, especially they are loved in Russia. But not only the classics are strong Italian furniture makers, being one of the leaders in the field of modern design. They sensitively capture trends, faster than others develop and implement new collections, are not afraid to experiment. The reverse side of this mobility, the pursuit of novelty - today's novelties of tomorrow can go out of fashion.

Among the Italian cuisines of the premium class, we can safely attribute the following:


Scavolini- one of the most famous brands, offering kitchen furniture of different styles. To a greater extent, the brand is known for modern models, boldly introducing new items into the release program. Regularly famous designers from different countries, which are attracted to the work of the company, create truly breakthrough collections that not only become hits, but also largely determine the current trends in interior design. Scavolini offers buyers a large number of collections, having managed to find an acceptable balance between quality and at a price, thanks to which the brand is popular in many countries of the world. It is well known in North America, Australia and even Japan, whose markets were able to break through a few European pr Manufacturers.


Scavolini, Ki collection, image created by the famous Japanese designer Nendo


(not to be confused with an interesting, but rather young company Arca) - elite kitchens, classically chic performance. The designers of the company create exclusively in the mainstream of classical traditions, but this is not a direct copying, but a creative rethinking of the historical heritage. Italian masters masterfully and carefully work with valuable wood and each of their products is the top skill of cabinetmakers. Particular attention is paid to carefully worked out details. Perhaps, ArcaMobili kitchens are above the "usual" premium class, it is already exclusive. Corresponds to the high level and the elite price.


ArcaMobili, Majestic Silver


LineaQuattro is an elite kitchen for those who adhere to high-tech style, who value high comfort and perfect order. Laconism of minimalist forms and functionality are brought to perfection. The furniture of LineaQuattro uses the most modern fittings: pull-out systems of the lower row, lifting mechanisms of the top, cargo, etc.Dverki are equipped with automatic door closers and dampers, ensuring smooth closing. If desired, the customer can install servo drives on the cabinets he chooses, which is very convenient for the top level. For the bar and kitchen island options are available with an adjustable table top, its height is changed by pressing a button.

premium class kitchen

Linea Quattro, EssenthiaElecta


FactoryCesar offers a variety of collections in various styles, from retrospective historical to fashionable minimalism and the actual avant-garde. The company is attentive to the wishes of customers and modular furniture can be supplemented with elements of individual sizes and design. The breadth of supply, flexible production policy and relative availability of prices (as far as it is generally possible for premium products) has provided Cesar kitchens with considerable popularity among wealthy people in many countries of the world.

premium class kitchen

Cesar, Cloe 5


Castello - kitchen sets in a classical style for wealthy admirers of traditional art. Kitchens are made to order and in addition to the solutions offered by the factory, the customer can purchase elements of individual design that will make his interior unique. Traditional technologies for finishing precious wood species, the highest quality of processing, the wealth of natural gilding and silver are combined with the best fittings that provide traditional furniture with modern functionality. Kitchens Castello are created for palace interiors, to match the level and price.

premium class kitchen

Castello, Delfi


Megaros is famous for its magnificent furniture made in historical traditions. The factory offers a wide variety of collections of various retrospective directions, from the shining palace style to the cute and democratic Calabrian style. Not only isMegaros limited to the production of modular kitchens, if you wish, you can buy cabinets and wall panels of individual sizes, make various decorative elements according to the sketches presented by the customer. The designers of the company pay great attention to working with color.

modular kitchen

Megaros, DucaD'Este 1041

Other Italian Premium Brands

It is difficult to list all the Italian manufacturers of high-class kitchens, there are a lot of them and they are all very good in some ways. Classics from Francesco Molone, Santo Passaia, Arcari, Bamax, Enne, Fratelli Radice, Vama, VenetaCucine are beautiful.

Italian Cuisine

Francesco Molon, Arctica

Home-like cozy and soft Calabrian provence from Gatto and BassanoMobili.


Gatto, Ambra

It looks great for the retrospective furniture of the Enne, Faoma, Brummel factories, created for historical reasons, but taking into account modern achievements.

premium class furniture


Trends in the development of the interior is largely shaped by the bold, contemporary design of the elite kitchen sets Aster Cucine, Maistri, Elmar, Arrital, Mittel, Minotti Cucine.

premium class kitchen

AsterCucine, Domina

Germany - technical innovation and German quality

German premium cuisine is primarily characterized by consistently high quality and the use of innovative technologies. Manufacturers, in addition to the already familiar door closers and gas lifts, widely use automatic lifting and pulling mechanisms with electric drive, touch controls and other devices that make the household life as comfortable as possible.

Technique Bosch, Siemens, Liebherr, Kuppersbusch, Gaggenau, which is equipped with elite kitchen sets, absorbed all the best modern technologies and is characterized by exceptional reliability. Designers, continuing the glorious traditions of Bauhaus, mostly prefer to create kitchens in modern style, in the spirit of minimalism. Functional German premium furniture looks expensive and solid, but thanks to carefully adjusted design is not devoid of grace. In general, "quadratisch, praktisch, gut". From the representatives of the German premium we will distinguish the following brands:


The company Bulthaup, which presented its first collection of kitchen furniture seven decades ago, has many international design awards. Luxurious furniture Bulthaup differs with exceptionally well-considered ergonomics and unsurpassed quality. The most modern opening and storage mechanisms are used from the best manufacturers of fittings. Design - the most rational and concise. In the absence of purely decorative details, the kitchen will not look ascetic: the decoration is served by functional elements, the choice of which is great, and the forms are brought to perfection.

Products are divided not into the usual series, but into three concepts of the interior environment: b1, b2 and b3. Each of the concepts is a modular "designer" consisting of many elements of different sizes, shapes, colors, textures. In addition to the furniture itself, the factory offers a huge selection of stylistically consonant with interior accessories concepts. Bulthaup kitchens are well known not only in Europe, but also in America, Australia, Asia, the company has representative offices in 50 countries. But this beautiful luxury furniture is not for everyone.


Premium furniture and accessories from Bulthaup, concept b2


Schmidt is a very popular German furniture brand in developed countries. The company managed to find a good combination between the available (relatively, of course) price and premium quality. The production program is very wide, dozens of collections are able to satisfy the tastes of almost any adherent of modern stylistics. They will find suitable collections and lovers of "burgher" classics. Designers of the company are not afraid to work with color: along with furniture of strictly measured low-key shades, you can order cabinets of bright, juicy colors.

Glamor Vertica

Schmidt, collection Glamor Vertica


Poggenpohl produces kitchen sets and classical style, but still the main direction is high-tech. Designers have managed to combine practicality and functionality with high art - in the kitchen Poggenpohl cook easily and conveniently, have a good time. A very wide choice of finishing materials. In addition to traditional furniture textures (wood and veneer of precious species, colored varnishes) and already familiar modern (stainless steel, aluminum, glass and stone), unusual ones are used: natural leather and eco-friendly composites.

premium class kitchen

Poggenpohl, + modo

Other German premium brands

Among the German brands, representing mainly modern minimalist kitchens, it is necessary to note the brands Kornmüller, Leict, Bauformat, Nolte, Linea, Häcker, Oster, Bax.

premium cuisine

Kornmüller, Prisma

We note the design of Warendorf factory for the elegance of simple lines, fine drawing and competent technical solution of details, masterly work with exotic wood species.


Warendorf, model 1

In a number of Eggersmann collections, the finishing not only of countertops, but also of kitchen facades is made of Corian® artificial stone, which is externally indistinguishable from natural granite or marble. Corian® is almost as durable as rock, but it's plastic, not afraid of bumps and deformations.

premium cuisine

Eggersmann, Unique

Do not forget about the German manufacturers who pay enough attention to furniture retrospective direction, close to the classical styles. The company Beckermann in a number of its elite models skillfully combines classic forms with cutting-edge kitchen appliances. Gabs Factory has interesting collections in style, which can be conditionally called "country-luxury".


Gabs, programm 65

France - a specific furniture "haute couture"

French cuisine is not so widely represented in the CIS countries, not because they are inferior to Italian or German. Potential buyers are stopped not by a relatively high price, for the premium segment, the high cost does not play a decisive role. Confused rather a bit unusual for our man (albeit often in Europe) aesthetics. Non-symmetric fillet on the doors, characteristic of the French classics, the deliberate negligence of local country, the wide use of non-toned and aged oak wood, open loops - not everyone likes them solutions.

french cuisine

Cheminees Philippe, Chelsea

Furniture in the modern style of many may seem insufficiently technological and a bit frivolous in comparison with German.


La Cuisine Française, Evolution / Metropole

Nevertheless, we also have a French design that finds its admirers, bribing with an unconstrained grace of forms. In domestic salons you can find luxury furniture brands Pyram, LaCuisineFrançaise, ChemineesPhilippe

Great Britain - exclusively for fans of English style

Furniture from Great Britain is a rare guest in domestic salons. There are several reasons for this: the specificity of the size range of modular furniture, the high price, the design features, the low interest of the companies themselves in the domestic market and even the absence of the usual drying for the dishes over the sink.

British furniture makers can not boast of a breakthrough design, nor exceptional quality. Their products are more focused on a specific domestic market with their traditions and requests. Nevertheless, outside the foggy Albion is a lot of fans of the English style. In Russia, the British classics from the factories Churchwood, CharlesYorke, EdwinLoxley are presented and enjoyed a certain demand.


Charles Yorke, Victorian

Elite cuisines from other countries

Fine luxury furniture is produced in Scandinavian countries. In the post-perestroika times, relatively widely represented in Russia, today the cuisines from northern Europe almost left the domestic market, partly retaining their positions in Petersburg. The reason is not so much in high cost (corresponding to quality), but in the restrained nature of the functional Nordic design that most of our compatriots who prefer to equip their house "rich", it seems too modest. The visitors of the Scandinavian philosophy of interior organization have the opportunity to order a kitchen and Petra, AlaCarte (Finland), Kvanum, Marbodal (Sweden); Unoform, Invita (Denmark).

elite kitchen

Kvanum, Dalby

It should be mentioned and Spanish cuisine. To a large extent, Iberian furniture makers are influenced by neighbors from the Apennine peninsula, which is not surprising considering the serious generality of the cultures of these regions. Perhaps in terms of design, Spanish furniture is somewhat secondary, but in quality is not inferior to Italian, and sometimes surpasses it in similar price categories. Most likely, the domestic buyer will be more interested in furniture of premium-class factories PicoMuebles, VicenteZagaroza, Doca, especially in classical styles, after all Spaniards are perfectly able to work with valuable timber.


Doca, Hermitage

We do not have any cuisine from the USA. It's a pity the American furniture makers have something to be proud of and in many ways they are the legislators of the world fashion. Perhaps the most relevant trend in North America is ekostyle. Only natural materials are used: stone, ceramics, glass, stainless steel and, of course, massive wood. The tree is covered with natural transparent oils, which emphasize the texture. Wood is made not only doors and shelves, but also countertops, aprons.


Wisconsin Urban Wood

There are interesting proposals from Russian manufacturers. True, they all to some extent copy foreign samples, which is evident even from the names of brands: GiuliaNovars, Tomassi, JamesBrookman. At the same time, as a rule, foreign capital takes part in the production of elite domestic furniture, bringing with it modern technologies, a European level of quality control, attentive attitude to the wishes of customers.

kitchen Design

JamesBrookman, English House II

How is the price for premium kitchens formed?

What is the cost of an elite kitchen?

Firstly, this is the "share" of the salon. The dealer carries transport and customs expenses, contains the staff of employees, pays for the rent of the premises. And, of course, he wants to make a profit. The buyer can always check whether the supplier is bullying the price by finding out the price of similar furniture from competitors, if any.

Secondly, advertising, without which not a single producer of premium furniture. A considerable part of your kitchen can go to advertising support for the image of the luxury brand.

Third, the organizational costs and profit of the manufacturer.

Fourthly, the actual production price of furniture itself. We can only guess how the first three components of the expensive kitchen price are formed. But no one interferes with the availability of samples in the salon to assess the price / quality ratio of the proposed furniture. Cabinet cases are not so expensive, only 5-25% of the total cost of expensive kitchens. Expensive doors, open shelves, decorative elements.

Accessories, even one manufacturer, can differ by an order of magnitude depending on the functionality and design. Quite cheap worktops made of natural or artificial stone, strong waterproof wood. In a tidy sum, good equipment will do. Often, ordering a technician from a specialized supplier is somewhat cheaper than in a furniture salon.

As well as for any other expensive purchase, it is worthwhile to approach the purchase of premium cuisine consciously. It will take a long time to live with it and it will be very unfortunate if the money spent does not bring the expected level of comfort. To prevent this from happening, it is desirable to involve a good architect or designer in the interior design of the kitchen, in addition to salon employees. In this case, all the same, closely monitor the process, because you will have to live with this kitchen.

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