Choosing a door to the kitchen or decorating an opening without it - practical tips and inspirational ideas

Choosing a door to the kitchen or decorating an opening without it – practical tips and inspirational ideas

Choosing a door to the kitchen or decorating an opening without it - practical tips and inspirational ideas

Not so long ago, with a shortage of building materials and only the emerging "science" of interior design, the question of having a door to the kitchen did not bother anyone. She just was. Now, when tenants of multi-storey houses and owners of private buildings have a lot of opportunities for decorating living quarters, the need to install a kitchen door is increasingly being questioned. And if it is, then how to make a choice? If not, how beautiful and tasteful to decorate the doorway?

Do you need a door to the kitchen?

Determine the need to install a kitchen door will help a thorough "fitting" to your interior all the advantages of its availability and absence.


In this room, the door is a key element of interior design

Use of the door for the kitchen

  • Minimizes the spread of odors, which are not always pleasant, throughout the living area.
  • Provides noise insulation. On the one hand, it allows you to fence yourself off from the bustle and noise in other rooms, if in the kitchen you decide, for example, to work or even take a nap. On the other hand, it makes it possible to protect the rest of the household from the sounds of pouring water, the sound of pots, cymbals and other noises.
  • Allows you to create a complete interior.
  • Separates the high-risk zone from children.

However, in order to eliminate foreign smells, it is possible and necessary to purchase a hood, as well as to ensure a good ventilation of the room. As for sound insulation, it is usually relevant for small apartments, where everything is close by. But in this case, almost certainly there will be a question of saving space.

Pros of not having a kitchen door

  • The opportunity to save money. The opening of the opening due to its small area is sometimes cheaper than installing a quality door leaf.
  • Saving the space needed to open it. This is especially important for small rooms, where every centimeter is valuable.
  • The ability to make redevelopment and radically change the interior design, combining, for example, the kitchen and living room.

Please note: if your kitchen is equipped with a gas cooker, then the safety door must always be present!


The option of combining kitchen and living room

Materials for the manufacture of kitchen doors

Kitchen doors belong to the category of interroom and are presented in a wide range. However, when choosing them, it is necessary to be guided not only by one's own preferences, interior design, but also by some features of the fenced space.

For the kitchen are characterized by: temperature changes, high humidity, permanent pollution, accompanying the process of cooking. And in small rooms, where everything is located literally on several square meters, there is a great risk of a regular drop of water and grease on the door. Installed in front of the window, and in typical building houses, it often happens, it must also be resistant to sunlight.

kitchen door

Greasy stains on the kitchen door

Thus, the kitchen door must withstand not only aggressive operating conditions, but also regular cleaning. What do manufacturers offer us?

Cloth from solid wood

Made of solid wood, such door leaves look luxurious. They are characterized by original texture and a pattern created by nature itself. This makes each product unique and dissimilar to others. Doors made of natural wood are relevant for many interiors, both modern and historical.

the door

Canvas made of solid wood - solid and expensive

Due to the special structure of the material and the considerable weight, the door leaves of the array are distinguished by excellent insulating properties. They are able to muffle the noise and keep the heat in the room.

However, wood remains such with all its inherent flaws, and the door from the array can disappoint a number of points. Firstly, under the influence of high humidity and temperature gradients, it can undergo linear deformation. Secondly, to care for the canvas will require special tools - waxes, polishes. In no case can not clean it with abrasive household products! Third, the high price of the product.

Note! Doors made of solid wood differ not only in fact, but also in "visual" weight, solidity. For this reason, they are more suitable for spacious rooms, but not for modest in size apartments.


Solid wood door with thread and glass insert

But if you do not want to deny yourself the pleasure of having such a door, you will have to worry about the presence in the kitchen of a powerful hood and high-quality ventilation to extend the life of the canvas.


Glass structures for the decoration of the doorway

Glass doors for the kitchen - this is more of a design move, rather than a practical solution. They do not provide any noise insulation and do not hide what is happening in the room. A certain degree of visual solitude can only give matte or stained glass. Do not forget about the classic drawback of this material - the remaining on the glass traces from the hands, which spoil the aesthetic appearance of the design, and add trouble to the hostess.

structure of frosted glass

Sliding glass design

What are the advantages of such a design of the doorway? First, everything is the same transparency. Glass canvas, passing light, can save on lighting the adjacent premises and make the kitchen visually more spacious. Secondly, they are resistant to chemical attack, moisture and UV rays.

glass doors

Glass doors make the interior more "easy"


Direct lines, frosted glass, lack of decor - the perfect combination for a minimalistic modern interior

If you are willing to regularly maintain the purity of glass doors, they can become a real decoration for your home. This solution is especially important for interiors in a futuristic, minimalistic and hi-tech style.

frameless construction

Sliding frameless construction almost merges with the walls

MDF with decorative coating

MDF is a compressed wood board. Various resins are used as a binder of its elements. MDF is widely used in the manufacture of interior doors, because it is characterized by low price, resistance to temperature changes and wide possibilities of decoration (in the factory). In this case, MDF has a low resistance to mechanical damage and, in the absence of a suitable coating, to moisture.

Most often this material is lined with a standard base of glued beams, and on top it is covered with veneer, PVC film or simply painted in several layers.

Natural veneer is a thin section of wood of a certain breed, with all its inherent properties and pattern. Artificial veneer is a technologically processed lumber impregnated with resins and "painted" for this or that wood. It is significantly inferior to the natural decorative coating in durability, quality of application and strength.


Sheets of natural veneer sheets


Door made of artificial veneer

However, if you install the door to the kitchen purely formally and do not plan to actively operate it, then the veneered option is what you need.


The design of a door leaf from veneered MDF

Another type of decorative coating for kitchen doors is a strong PVC film. Such cloths are called laminated. They do not burn out under the sun's rays and are not afraid of moisture, but smoothly until the film begins to lag behind the sensitive base. Wait for reliable noise insulation, a high degree of aesthetics and a long service life from laminated doors is not necessary.

the door

Laminated canvases are not very special

Types and features of kitchen doors

If you, nevertheless, decided to install the door to the kitchen, take your time with the choice. First, explore the possible options and try them on your interior.

Traditional swing doors

Swing doors - a classic, to which all are accustomed from childhood. Depending on the size of the opening, you can install one or two cloths. The style of the interior, the area of ​​the room and the quality of illumination will tell you whether they will:

  • deaf;
  • with glass inserts (up to ½ of the door area);
  • completely made of glass.

Qualitative swing doors fully meet all the requirements for kitchen doors. Then you and the soundproofing, and a barrier to smells - all thanks to the tight fit of the canvas to the door frame.

swing door

Swing door with frosted glass insert


A successful solution for the interior in the style of country

Sliding constructions (sliding doors)

A feature of such structures is the movement of door leaves in one plane along one or two guides - the bottom and top.


Sliding model in Japanese style

Note! Typically, designers refuse the lower guides, as dust and debris accumulates in the rails, making it difficult to move the leaf.

There are two ways to install the door coupe. The first of them involves fastening to the wall exposed on the level of a horizontal bar with the subsequent installation of a guide on it. It fixes the door leaf and mounts the end rail in the doorway. If desired, a special locking mechanism can be installed in the door, ensuring a more tight fit of the leaf to the wall or to the other leaf.


Sliding single-leaf sliding door

This method of installation assumes the complete release of the part of the wall along which the leaf moves. However, this rule is often bypassed, making a greater gap between the back wall of the piece of furniture and the wall.


Glass inserts can be painted with stained-glass paints

doors in the kitchen

Sliding doors on the adjacent loggia

stained-glass construction

Sliding Stained Glass Structure

The second option is the installation of a sliding door inside a wall or a gypsum board structure. It is there that the opening door opens. An interesting solution that allows you to free the wall for placing furniture and household appliances along it, but requiring more financial and labor. We will have to reconstruct or build up the whole wall. In an apartment of a multi-storey building, this is either completely impossible, or it will require you to obtain a multitude of permits in the relevant authorities.

the door

When you open the door leaf hides inside the wall

That is why sliding doors for kitchens have more taken root in private houses. They perfectly perform the function of dividing functional zones in those cases when the kitchen and living room are combined. The doors-compartments provide good sound insulation, are easy to use and safe - the risk of pinching your fingers is minimal. In addition, the draft will not allow them to close at the most inopportune moment.

the door

The original version of the sliding structure. Loft or rustic will only benefit from such brutality!

the door

Gently and romantically - the exact opposite of the previous version

Folding doors - constructions of the type "accordion" and "book"

Similar to sliding designs, they are slightly different by the principle of opening. If the first wholly departed to the side, then the accordion doors compactly add up to the width of just one constituent element. The sheet is fastened to a fixed guide on the wall using special clips. Outwardly, the design is more like a screen than a door. Elements of the canvas can be deaf or decorated with glass inserts.

Such doors save the space of the kitchen, as they do not swing open to a certain radius, but they narrow the opening itself by about 10-15 cm, which should be taken into account. Among the obvious advantages of installing folding doors - originality, ease of use and ease of installation.


Design in the form of an accordion

But the minuses are much greater. The harmonica doors are a fairly fragile construction and the ease of folding the fabric directly depends on the quality of the fittings. They are also characterized by poor noise insulation.

door leaf

Foldable door leaf for kitchen zoning

Varieties of folding doors are not so many. Structurally, they differ only in the width of the component webs and in their number. One of the most popular varieties is the door-book, one leaf of which consists of only two elements.




Principle of opening

Note! The fewer canvases and the wider they are, the more reliable the design is. But it takes up more space when opening

Folding doors - it's nothing more than a decorative screen at the entrance to the kitchen.

Making a doorway to the kitchen without a door

If for some reason you decide to abandon the kitchen door, then you can fully realize your creative potential while decorating the remaining opening. And here there are a lot of options!

A classic solution, relevant for any style and room, regardless of its area and configuration - the arch. For its device a metal frame is made, which is covered with plasterboard. The finished construction is finished with any suitable material - from paint to stone.

It is important! To drywall it is better to bend, it is necessary to wet it with water.


Arch in classic style

Another option is to create an opening for complex geometry. And here again, wireframe technology and plasterboard come to the rescue. If the dimensions of the opening allow, then, in addition to the traditional passage, you can arrange in it shelves for souvenirs or other pleasant trifles.

arch with shelves

Kitchen arch with shelves


Arch with shelves - extremely unusual and spectacular


Variant of a figured opening in the kitchen

Note! Complete the design with backlight. In addition to an additional source of lighting in the dark, it will play the role of a zoning accent.

Lovers of textiles will like the idea of ​​separating the kitchen with curtains. Just choose those fabrics that absorb minimal dirt and are easy to clean. An important point - to facilitate the movement between rooms, pick up the curtains with picks.


Light curtain in the doorway

satin blind

Gray satin blind on the eyelets perfectly fitted into the interior

Alternatives to tissue can be threaded, ribbon curtains. They are often decorated with such decorative elements as beads, feathers. Choosing this design of the doorway, evaluate their safety for your children and pets, as well as your desire to regularly unravel them.


Bright curtains-threads will help effectively zonate space and cheer up your cheerful "morals"

filament curtains

Thread curtains with decorative elements

For classical interiors, the design of the opening with the help of stucco molding can be very useful. Modern stucco molding based on polyurethane features durability and low weight, which is important for ease of installation.


Stucco - a choice for a classic interior


Polyurethane and plaster molding is almost impossible to distinguish externally

It is common to decorate a doorway without a brick or artificial stone. The latter allows you to successfully simulate the entrance to the cave. It looks very impressive.


A large arch, decorated with brickwork

The question of decorating the doorway in the kitchen is important, from which side you look. A reliable designer can become a reliable assistant in the search for the most successful solution. But whether there is an original door leaf, a cozy curtain or something else - it's up to you.

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