Black kitchen: 25 stylish kitchen interiors in black

Black kitchen: 25 stylish kitchen interiors in black

Black kitchen: 25 stylish kitchen interiors in black

Black kitchen - the embodiment of luxury, excitement and extravagance, a bold choice of outstanding personalities or those who want to seem so. However, the last such variant, most likely, will disappoint: the black color will be banal "to put pressure on the psyche", not finding a response in the depths of the soul. Dressing the kitchen in black solely "for the sake of ponta" does not bring anything good. Throwing only a glance at the photo of the interior of the black kitchen, you know that this is a special case. The black kitchen is luxurious in its concise, exclusive as an expensive car, mysterious and mysterious like black diamonds and black pearls, "graceful" as a panther, it is out of fashion and trends like a little black Coco dress ...

Black kitchen on a white background - classic, time-tested

Kitchen set with black facades on a white background of walls looks simple and simultaneously luxuriously

Black color in the interior of the kitchen

To be or not to be a black kitchen in your house? This question should be approached with all seriousness, because what you see on the pages of glossy magazines or in a spacious and light showroom, in conditions of average kitchen can change beyond recognition. Black color is exquisite, elegant, solid, proud and self-sufficient. To ensure that these qualities are fully manifested, he needs space! It is no accident that designers often choose black furniture when organizing a studio space that unites the kitchen, dining room and living room.

The kitchen, decorated in contrasting colors, always looks unusual and stylish

The interior of the black and white kitchen with catchy red accents is discreet and stylish

According to most people, black color prevails in the interiors of gloomy pessimistic natures, and for the kitchen - it is generally a non-format, which has nothing to do with comfort and coziness. By no means! Firstly, black people prefer confidently standing on their feet, soberly looking at life, bold, self-sufficient personalities who clearly know what they want, are able to set goals and achieve them. As a rule, in life they have more than enough color and drive, so in their native walls, they tend to create a more calm and balanced atmosphere.

Black and white cuisine: the predominance of white emphasizes the depth of black

Black in this kitchen is relatively small, but it advantageously shades the whiteness of the main background

Secondly, the black kitchen organizes and disciplines. Disorder and dirt here are simply unacceptable! With a black kitchen, as with an evening gown, you need to be always on top! Choosing black furniture, many do not take into account the fact that in practice, black surfaces are as much a mark as white. Therefore, when you dress the kitchen in black, be prepared for frequent cleaning! Avoid the confusion will help ergonomic furniture design with comfortable drawers, roomy cabinets and thoughtful storage systems for food and kitchen utensils. Third, the kitchen of black color can be cozy and comfortable. The main thing is to properly dilute the blackness and achieve harmony between color and form.

In the design of black cuisine you need to follow certain rules

With a black kitchen, as with an evening gown, you need to be always on top!

Black kitchen in all its glory: designer's advice

Black kitchen sets are almost always laconic forms, clear straight lines, countertops of sparkling stainless steel or artificial stone, accessories made of chrome-plated steel and glass. They seem to be created for the style of high-tech, minimalism, art deco, as well as for avant-garde cuisines.

Black kitchen in the style of minimalism - a good solution

For the kitchen in the style of minimalism, black color is considered one of the most suitable

Very dignified black color will fit in the classics, especially if the facades of curtain racks have glass doors that visually facilitate the construction. Avoid excessive technicality and industriality can be due to the use for decoration and decor of natural materials: wood, stone, clay, living plants.

Black kitchen in classic style looks good on a light background in bright light

The kitchen set of black color in classical style looks a little cumbersome, but this impression can be softened by a light background and bright lighting

After betting on a black kitchen set, do not make a mistake with the background. For the decoration of walls, contrasting light shades, which emphasize the simplicity, sophistication and depth of color of black furniture, giving it the role of the first violin, will be optimal. It is desirable to use light colors for finishing the floor.

Decorative characteristics of a glossy surface are highly appreciated by designers

Glossy surface always looks attractive and unusual, but requires constant careful care

A bright solution will be a bright accent wall, for example, red or pink. The gold standard is a black and white classic that brings graphics and dynamism to the interior, which is characteristic of the change of day and night, light and darkness ... And different combinations are possible: black set - white walls, black walls - white set, black bottom - white top, chessboard etc.

Black and terracotta kitchen: original combination of contrasting colors

Another option to use contrasting colors in the interior: a calm terracotta emphasizes the inner depth of black

Bright and juicy blotches of red, orange, light green color will help to avoid monotony and gloominess. Just do not overdo it! On a black background, all the colors look much brighter and more saturated than usual. Do not overload laconic interior with catchy accessories. Pair of juicy details will be quite enough: buy a red electric kettle, red dishes, a red lamp and your kitchen will sound completely new!

Black kitchen on a red background - interior for real leaders

Black set on the background of a red accent wall - a choice of energetic and active people


To give the kitchen chic, glitz and glamor crystal chandelier and decorative crystal pendants, crystal-inlaid hoods, transparent glass inserts and invisible furniture, chrome fixtures, chairs with sparkling metal frames and spectacular glossy facades will help.

For black and white cuisine, the right choice of lighting is very important

With the help of the original podvetvety in the black and white kitchen creates an unusual lighting design

Correct the not very good geometry of the room and simply "revive" the kitchen, making it warmer and welcoming, will help to successfully select a common, point and decorative lighting. An interesting effect can be achieved through the use of color lighting, which can completely change the mood of the kitchen. Ideally, a black kitchen should have a panoramic window, ceiling windows and light-passing stained-glass interior doors. Black does not mean dark! In such an interior rhythm, graphics, character is important, and it will not be possible to achieve this in the twilight.

Photo examples of kitchen interiors in black

A simple set, decorated in contrasting colors, looks more attractive

Classic combination of black and white will make the most attractive the simplest set

Design of black and white cuisine using original decorative elements

In the design of this interior used not only the contrast of black and white, but also the unusual shape of the kitchen set, and catchy decor elements

Popular color scheme: a combination of beige and black

In this kitchen, a popular color compromise is used - black aggressiveness is compensated by the softness of the beige

In this kitchen the excess of sterile white is successfully smoothed by the addition of black

Black and white cuisine in the style of minimalism: a little black turns like operating room into an elegant and stylish kitchen

For a black kitchen, the availability of natural light is a serious advantage

With enough natural light, a large amount of black is perceived as a feature of the interior, and not as a defect

The role of lighting in the black kitchen can not be overestimated

Black kitchen in classical style would look gloomy without light walls, working surfaces and stylish fixtures

Black kitchen on the background of white walls will attract fans of futurism in design

Black set on the background of white walls - another option of using black in the design of the kitchen

Natural wood emphasizes the decorative features of black color

Black color in combination with natural wood fits well in any interior

Correctly selected lighting for a spacious kitchen is one of the conditions of attractiveness

The attractiveness of this kitchen is based on a successful combination of several colors and properly selected lighting

Black kitchen with a red accent wall wins by the successful placement of furniture

Black set on the background of a red accent wall, complemented by furniture from natural wood looks like a solid composition in this spacious kitchen

Two-way natural lighting in the kitchen compensates for some blackness of black

Black kitchen furniture, lit from both sides with natural light, harmoniously blended into the interior of the spacious kitchen

Black kitchen will be even more beautiful if you choose the right decor elements

The main decorative elements of this kitchen are an unusual monochrome painting and stylish lamps

Interior in the style of minimalism, realized in a combination of black and beige

The popular color combination became the basis of the interior in the style of minimalism

Black cuisine is traditionally associated with luxury and sophistication

Black kitchen - the embodiment of luxury, excitement and extravagance

The brilliant gloss of black is highlighted by a snow-white background and a turquoise apron

The turquoise glass apron in this kitchen plays not only a utilitarian but also decorative role, emphasizing the brilliant gloss of black

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