Baroque cuisine: elegant luxury in a modern style

Baroque cuisine: elegant luxury in a modern style

Baroque cuisine: elegant luxury in a modern style

Kitchens in the style of baroque entice solemnity, fundamentality and pomposity. They are chosen by refined and aristocratic natures, gravitating towards splendor and wealth, who prefer luxury to minimalism. How to recreate such beauty in your own kitchen and what points to take into account when decorating an interior, let's consider in more detail.

Baroque Style: Historical Reference

Baroque style originated in the 17-18 century in Italy. In those days, royal dynasties and rich families, trying to emphasize their status, decorated the villas and palaces with painted walls and ceilings with stucco elements, using expensive fabrics, gilded pieces of furniture and even inlaying with precious stones. A clear example of this are Vorontsovsky and Sheremetievsky palaces, which we can still see today in St. Petersburg.

Baroque style was popular among the middle class. People more victorious also always tried to create in their homes the illusion of luxury.

kitchen interier

Modern variation of the interior in the Baroque style

It's no wonder that even today there are people who want to recreate the royal atmosphere in their kitchen to feel like an aristocrat surrounded by splendor and luxury.

Style design features

The name of the style in the literal translation means "prone to excess". And this definition very accurately characterizes it.


In the interior of the kitchen, decorated in the Baroque style, there are often elements of decoration and decoration, which can be attributed to ostentatious luxury

For kitchens in the Baroque style are typical:

  • Rounded lines and curved shapes;
  • Wall art;
  • numerous mirrors;
  • contrast stucco molding;
  • heavy textiles;
  • ornate items.

Baroque is rightly considered a style of contrasts. For example, against the background of dark wood, intricate inlays of gold and silver can be displayed.

In the color scheme of this style, combinations of green with gold, white with blue or gold, burgundy with sky-blue are popular.

Interior decoration in baroque style

To recreate the pathos style in the kitchen without compromising the working space, it is best to use a spacious room. With a competent approach to realize the idea can and in a city apartment. The main thing is to observe the main points in the design.

Floor and wall decoration

The classical Baroque style involves the use of natural materials. That is why the main thing in choosing a finishing material is to convey its natural texture.


For wall and ceiling lining suitable:

  • a rock;
  • natural silk;
  • expensive tree species.

Modern technology allows you to create materials that are virtually indistinguishable from the natural finish, and even surpass their performance characteristics. So, a durable alternative to natural parquet floor is able to perform imitation wood laminate, and slabs of natural stone - decorative panels of pressed stone crumbs.


Floors can be laid out with a parquet of golden and honey tones, these shades fit perfectly into the royal style

As a floor covering for the working area, ceramic granite, marble or any other stone tile laid out in the form of a chessboard or a mosaic is perfect. Tiles can also be used when decorating the kitchen apron of a working wall.

In the recreation area is to put carpet. A soft fluffy carpet will add coziness, creating in a room having a pleasant rest atmosphere.

Since walls, ceilings and floors play a secondary role in design, muted colors are chosen as the main tone for them. The main task of finishing is to create a shading effect and unite the kitchen ensemble into a single whole.

The walls of the kitchen can be decorated:

  • silk-screen printing;
  • matte paint;
  • Venetian plaster;
  • smooth or textured wallpaper.

Contrast stucco is a visiting card of the Baroque style. But it should be applied moderately and reasonably. It is enough to add several elements of the cladding, and the aura of luxury manifests itself.

kitchen Design

The royal style is characterized by an abundance of all kinds of textiles

The design of the baroque cuisine will look more presentable if the walls are decorated with drawings on brocade fabric or embossed medallions of stucco. In a small space, these trim elements can partially replace tapestries or woven fabrics framed in carved frames. The main thing is that they resonate with other objects of the interior.

Window and doorways can also be decorated, adorned with carvings in the form of dynamic oval spirals painted with gilding. Doors are best done as a palace - double-leafed.
The ceiling of the kitchen in the Baroque style is designed to act as a kind of continuation of the walls.


The ceiling of the kitchen in the Baroque style

Perfectly complement the design of ceiling murals depicting ancient subjects. Modern interpretations of frescoes in a wide range are presented in large construction centers or specialized retail outlets. Many manufacturers make such frescoes on a non-woven basis on request. Computer technology allows you to accurately simulate the work of famous painters.

Selection of appropriate furniture

Baroque furniture should be bright, expressive and slightly pretentious, successfully combining solidity and elegance. There are often bulges and concavities in it, forms of ovals and spirals are traced. And as an ornament is a wooden mosaic and bronze lining.

Important! So that when decorating a kitchen, do not cross the line between pretentiousness and bad taste, when choosing furniture, consider its dimensions and compatibility with other elements of the interior.


The set is chosen from noble breeds: chestnut, mahogany, ash, cherry or oak

In the kit kitchen set should be present:

  • massive floor cabinets;
  • sideboards with glass facades;
  • wall cabinets.

The facades of the working wall can decorate carved ornaments, inlays and twisted handles reminiscent of the work of a skilled craftsman, and the doors are often covered with varnish and enamel. Organically here will fit the marble countertop.

Tip: To be able to hide household appliances from the eyes, the work wall should be equipped with modern opening / closing systems.

In the spacious kitchen, the luxury of the furniture is crowned by a dining table. It can have small dimensions, but it must be externally massive and majestic.


The legs of cabinets and tables often have a complex shape, resembling columns or paws of animals

Furniture upholstery should be combined with drapery of windows. To decorate the kitchen in the Baroque style, it is better to use expensive flowing fabrics, for example, velvet, eyes, brocade, tapestry, satin. Curtains should be decorated with fringe or embroidery, and dense curtains - gold cords with heavy brushes.

Characteristic decor elements

Columns are one of the obligatory attributes of baroque. But it is not always possible to recreate them. In a limited space, the principle of dominating the vertical above the horizontal is easy to translate by selecting appropriate drapery and wallpaper.

A suitable complement to the design can make:

  • sculptures from porcelain and faience;
  • stone statuettes;
  • painted vases;
  • antique clock with a pendulum.
kitchen Design

Exquisite design of the kitchen can be supplemented with expensive cutlery, neatly laid out in velvet boxes

An elegant fireplace for the spacious kitchen. Modern electric fireplaces, apparently not practically different from the real ones, will not be difficult to install even in an ordinary apartment. To make the fireplace more decorative as a facing material marble is perfect.

Selection of lighting devices

Kitchens in the Baroque style are always filled with light, which penetrates through the window openings or is radiated by numerous lighting devices.


Lighting is designed to emphasize the sophistication and beauty of design

Properly placed on the perimeter of the luminaires will help to place accents, showing off the contrast and dynamism of the style.

Lighting should be chosen taking into account the height of the ceilings. In a kitchen with high ceilings, you can safely hang a large sprawling chandelier, made of glass or noble crystal. This is ideal for a lighting fixture framed by a cloth shade or shaped like an old chandelier with candles.

At low ceilings, the correct solution will be the use of spotlights. They will give a sufficient amount of light to the room, highlighting the individual elements of the decor. Visually raise the low ceiling will help LED lighting. To achieve the effect, it is better to lay it over the edge of the decorative molding - molding.

Video-selection of options for kitchen arrangement

To make the design of the notes of antiquity on the walls, it is worth to place elegant sconces decorated with silver and gold paintings, stylized under supports with burning candles.

Decorate the kitchen in the Baroque style is not difficult. With a little effort, you can create a cozy lushly decorated interior, in the walls of which it is nice to receive guests, enjoying the warmth of communicating with loved ones, and contemplating the beautiful.

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