In the juice itself: how to choose a juicer to prepare juices at home

In the juice itself: how to choose a juicer to prepare juices at home

In the juice itself: how to choose a juicer to prepare juices at home

Freshly squeezed juices are a source of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for our body. Prepared at home, the juice of fruits, berries or vegetables does not contain preservatives. Even the most expensive store juice can not be compared with fresh juice, which is much tastier and more useful. How to choose a juicer for making fresh juice at home?

Proponents of healthy eating prefer juices from the juicer

Juicer - an essential attribute of a healthy diet

How to choose a juicer for your home

First, juicers can be divided into two groups: universal and for citrus.

Citrus juicers

Fresh from oranges and grapefruits you will give this citrus-press

Citrus press is suitable for lovers of fresh citrus fruits

If you prefer only orange or grapefruit fresh, you will have enough juicers for citrus. It is not as expensive as a universal juicer, and very easy to use. Citrus press (so simplistically called a citrus juicer) consists of a nozzle-cone, motor and container for collecting juice. The power range is from 20 to 80 watts. Than this indicator is higher, the faster the juice is prepared and the more citrus you will be able to process per unit of time.

The container for collecting juice usually has a volume of 400-500 ml, but there are citrus presses in which at one time it is possible to prepare up to 1.2 liters of juice. How to choose a juicer of the right size? Note that the juice of citrus fruit spoils very quickly: it is preferable to consume it within 5-10 minutes after preparation. Therefore, if you know that you can not drink a liter of juice at once, you do not need a device with a large capacity. But if you often come to your guests or you have a large family, a citrus press with a liter capacity - this is what you need.

An important aspect when choosing a citrus juicer is the shape of the nozzle in the juice collection container. It should be convenient for pouring the juice over the glasses.

Citrus press can be equipped with additional functions. The presence of such functions is not necessary, but it is better to know about the possibility in advance: suddenly it will come in handy.

  • Lever arm. In some models, the citrus is retained while the juice is squeezed with a lever. This will make the work easier, because you do not have to constantly hold the fruit with your hand.
  • Set of baits. Citrus press can have nozzles of different sizes. You can with the same efficiency to receive juice from large grapefruits and from small tangerines.
  • Reverse mode. It is not in all juicers, but this mode is very convenient: the nozzle rotates one by one and the other in turn, squeezing the maximum amount of juice.
  • Density adjustment system for juice. By changing the size of the slots in the nozzle, you can change the amount of pulp that gets into the juice.
  • The system of direct juice supply. You can not use a special container to collect the juice, but pour the juice directly into the glass.

Universal juicers

A universal juicer throughout the year will delight with fresh drinks

Cooking juices at home is easy, especially with a universal juicer

They allow you to get juice from most fruits or berries. The only exception is that the fruits with bones, but there are models, which are not afraid of bones. According to the shape of the separator, the universal juicers can be divided into conical and cylindrical.

Models with a conical separator are equipped with a cake container. The yield of the finished product will be no more than 70%. If you want to buy a juicer with a container, pay attention to whether it is easy to remove. The larger the volume of the cake container, the less it must be cleaned.

Models with a cylindrical separator allow you to get the whole volume of squeezed juice. Such a device has a significant drawback: the pulp reject function is not available, so you have to disassemble the juicer every 2-4 cups of juice to clean the separator from the pulp.


By power universal juicers range from 200 to 1200 watts. All models have different time of continuous operation. This also depends on the power of the device. Some juicers automatically stop for a minute break after 10 minutes of work, others can work for 20 minutes. The break is necessary in order to avoid overheating of the motor and cleaning of the parts. But there are also such models, the period of continuous operation of which is not limited, since the parts are self-cleaning, and from overheating they are protected by a fan.

Moulinex produces high quality and stylish juicers

Moulinex juicer differs original design, high productivity and excellent quality of juices produced

An important criterion in choosing a juicer is the rotational speed of the centrifuge. From this indicator depends on the yield of the finished juice. Most manufacturers indicate the number of revolutions per minute in the characteristics of the device. Optimum speed is considered to be 8-10 thousand rpm.

The speed regulator, which is very desirable for juicers, will allow the installation of different speeds for efficiently squeezing juice from different fruits. In the instructions for a juicer with a speed regulator it should be indicated what is the optimum speed for different kinds of vegetables or fruits. The harder the processed product, the higher the speed that will be required to squeeze juice out of it. Using the speed controller, you can change the presence of pulp in the juice: the higher the speed, the more the pulp enters the drink.

Some fruits give a lot of foam, so a foam cutter is very desirable in the juicer for the home. Without it, the juice comes out into the collection tank along with the foam, and the presence of a foam cutter will make it possible to obtain a clear juice.

When choosing a juicer, pay attention to the quality of plastic parts. The plastic must be qualitative: resistant to shock and odorless. Glossy plastic is usually high-quality, matte - substandard.

Well, if in the juicer that you have chosen for home, there is a transparent container for collecting juice with a scale in milliliters. Thanks to this capacity, you can control the amount of juice produced. This can be useful for making cocktails. If the juice collection container is built into the device, this eliminates the possibility of spilling the finished product, which can not be said of juicers, in which the finished juice falls directly into the glass.

If you decide to select a juicer with additional functions, pay attention to such a negative point: the more additional functions, the larger the dimensions of the device. But if your kitchen has room for a large juicer, why not choose the best and most versatile model?

When choosing a juicer for the house, pay attention to the mesh of the centrifuge. It is better if it is made of stainless steel. About the material from which the grid is made, you can find out from the instructions to the product. The more holes in the grid, the better the quality of the juice obtained.

Do not disregard the tray for loading fruits and vegetables. It is better to give preference to a wide tray. With it, you do not have to cut fruit into small pieces and continuously stand near the appliance, adding fruit to it.

And the main thing: thinking about how to choose a juicer, pay attention only to the products of well-known manufacturers. So more reliable.

What kind of juicer to choose: a review of famous brands

Expensive Models

The combination of low energy consumption and high spinning quality is the Gorenije juicer

Gorenije juicer will enjoy low power consumption with high-quality spinning

The most popular among consumers are juicers of trade marks Phillps, Moulinex, Gorenije. Often consultants in the stores of household appliances recommend paying attention to the dimensions of the device, the length of the cord and the compartment for its storage. For lovers of juice, fresh is a little thing, but all three juicers on these parameters get a solid test. Dimensions are standard, the length of the cord is optimal, the storage compartment is available.

What is really important for a juicer is the power indicators. Instruments Gorenije JC800A and Moulinex JU 5001 have power 800 W, and the juicer Phillps HR-1865 - 650 W. From the power, as is known, depends the speed and quality of juice production. All the presented models are centrifugal, so for them the more the power index, the better. All the presented models prepare the juice in a minute, and the cake is dry enough. This is very important, because in this case you do not lose a drop of juice.

The cake reservoir of all presented juicers is removable, so it is easy to clean the device. Folk craftsmen have already come up with a way how to rid themselves of the dull washing of the cake tank. In it in advance before squeezing of juice the usual small polyethylene bag is inserted, and after a cake is thrown out together with a sachet. In all the models presented, the volume of the cake tank is different: Phillps - 1.5 liters, Gorenije - 2 liters, Moulinex - 3 liters. Here it is better to be guided by personal preferences: if you plan to make a lot of juice, then the larger the tank for collecting the cake, the better.

An important parameter when choosing a juicer is the body material. On this depends not only the service life of the machinery, but also its appearance. Juicers Phillps and Moulinex plastic, Gorenije - from stainless steel. Plastic is light and shock-resistant, it is easy to clean, but oxidizes faster than stainless steel. Therefore, if you like carrot juice, it is better to give preference to a metal juicer Gorenije, because plastic will after a while have a pleasant orange color. The case of stainless steel looks better, such juicers are more durable. A negative factor is the comparatively large weight of the unit and the marquess of the metal casing.

The Juicer Rhilips - the best option for connoisseurs of high technology

The Philips juicer is a high-tech device, impeccable in terms of appearance, energy consumption and taste of juices produced by it

When choosing a juicer, pay attention to the number of speeds. Juicers from Philps and Gorenije have 2 speeds, Moulinex - only one. All presented juicers are an excellent choice for home, working with them is very easy. The gutter for fruit delivery in all models is wide. The Moulinex juicer has two removable troughs - for carrots and for apples. All juicers are equipped with a direct juice supply system. In addition, manufacturers have provided protection against improperly folding machinery. All juicers are assembled and disassembled easily, but if you managed to assemble incorrectly, the device simply will not turn on.

All presented juicers have rubberized legs. This is not a sock-sucker leg, which digs into the table tightly. Thanks to the rubberized legs, the technique is firmly held on the table while the motor is running, and the table is protected from scratches. In the kit there is a graduated measuring cup with a foam separator, which is intended for gourmets or mood people. Inserting a special partition into a measuring cup, you get juice without pulp. Having got it, you can drink juice with fruit puree.

Budget models

From comparatively cheap brands in the market are represented juicers Scarlett, Rotex, Saturn. Power they have different: a juicer

Minor differences in the Scarlett juicer allowed to reduce its price

Scarlett juicer can do almost everything that expensive models, but it is cheaper

- 300 W, Rotex - 700 W, Saturn - 350 watts. The plastic compartment for cake in these juicers is removable, large enough. All models have two speeds. The first is designed for softer fruits (tomatoes, apricots), the second - for more soft fruits (apples, carrots). The legs of the Scarlett and Saturn juicers are rubberized, and Rotex has the legs of the sucker.

The gutter for fruit delivery in all models is wide, even large apples and tomatoes will fit without cutting. All models are protected from overheating and improper folding. According to the design, the juicers are similar to each other: a metal case, a combination of black and gray. However, the Scarlett juicer is also presented in peach color, but most consumers prefer juice extractors with a metal casing.

Drink freshly squeezed juices, they will help you keep the body toned. Apple, carrot, tomato and citrus juices are just a storehouse of useful substances. Prepare juices every day with modern juicers.

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