How to choose a stationary blender for home

How to choose a stationary blender for home

How to choose a stationary blender for home

Convenient functional electric appliance blender has long become an indispensable kitchen assistant. With it, you can quickly chop vegetables for salad, whip up a fruit cocktail or make everyone's favorite mashed potatoes. If you have not yet acquired a useful friend, be sure to buy a stationary or submersible blender: which one is better to choose, we will try to find out by understanding the types and characteristics of the device.

Recommendations for choosing a blender

Start choosing a good blender for a home is best with reviews of familiar people and monitoring the sales market. On the sites of sellers often publish cards indicating all the technical characteristics, and friends and acquaintances will help to identify the shortcomings of devices, which usually forget to mention the manufacturer.

Which option is better

To select a stationary or manual model, you need to focus on the basic functions listed in the passport of the device. If you need a chopper, pay attention to the size of the container and the quality of the knives. To make workpieces for the winter or simply create conditions for long-term storage of products, look for a vacuum pump in the list of devices. For the preparation of smoothies or juice, it is better to choose high capacities resembling a glass.


The presence of a blender among kitchen appliances increases the speed of cooking

Do not overpay for equipment that you do not need. If you mix and beat drinks on a daily basis and do not use a chopper at all, you do not need to buy a blender. Instead, you can choose an ordinary mixer, portable or stationary. It has a more modest functional, but it performs perfectly with its execution.

food processor

The food processor increases the cooking possibilities and expands the list of specialties

Mistresses who do not imagine life without cooking and cooking experiments should pay attention to food processors. These are devices that along with the tasks of the blender perform several more useful functions - from simple beating to twisting meat and squeezing the juice. As a rule, multifunctional devices are characterized by a higher price and volume. Prepare that to store the harvester (and this is a stationary electric appliance) you need a separate, rather large place in the closet or on the shelf.

How does the blender work?

The principle of operation of a stationary or portable device largely depends on its design. Stationary models consist of two main parts - a stable body and a bowl, mobile represent an immersion element having a certain shape and purpose. The capacity for stationary instruments is supplied, while for submerged blenders you can use any convenient bowl.

processing of products

Processing of products can be done directly in a saucepan

The operation of the main working mechanism depends entirely on the power of the electric motor. It sets the action and is responsible for the rotation speed of the nozzles. You have seen how quickly pieces of fruit or vegetables turn into a homogeneous mass - this is due to the rapid rotation of the knives. The number of revolutions per minute reaches several hundred.


A few seconds - and the dough is ready

In order to cut, mix or beat, the products are placed in a plastic container (with a lid on stationary machines or without a lid for portable ones), then the rotating element is activated by pressing the button. The control panel of stationary electrical appliances is on the body, while the control panel is on the handle. The nozzles are selected depending on the task, for example, for whipping, you need to select the whisk. The speed of movement of dynamic parts can be adjusted even during operation. Often start with a low speed, then go to the maximum.

The best manufacturers

Due to the demand for electrical appliances, the users' choice of stationary and submerged blenders is simply enormous. When buying the model you need to focus not only on the price, but also on the manufacturer. Tops of brands are compiled on the basis of customer feedback, but some brands wander from one list to another. So in 2017, the ratings were led by companies whose names are heard by everyone - Bosch, Philips, Braun.


Bosch - ergonomic, easy, convenient

Their products differ in different bundles, in modern series you can find devices of different price category. Leading positions are fixed by such characteristics of the goods, as:

  • high quality of work;
  • usability;
  • energy saving;
  • long service life without repair;
  • ultramodern design.

Not inferior to the advanced brands, and somewhere even surpass them Moulinex, Bamix, BORK, Kenwood. The line of budget proposals is inexpensive, but they are well-known for their functional features of the brand Scarlett, Polaris, Vitek. They can be selected if you rarely use this technique.


Vitek - cheap, fast, high quality

If you are interested in buying a stationary device that can prepare a cocktail and even crush ice or nuts, pay attention to professional powerful blenders of the Rawmid brand with a value of 11 thousand rubles. up to 23 thousand rubles.

Among inexpensive submersible models, we recommend that you take a closer look at the Bosch line: an excellent ratio of the cost and quality of work allows you to call them the best in their category. The cost of a simple blender with a plastic bowl in the set - from 1600 rubles. up to 2700 rubles.

The purpose of various blenders

When choosing an electrical assistant, it should not be forgotten that all blenders are functionally similar. It is believed that submersible - younger brothers are stationary, and in order to make sure of this, we will once again analyze the rating of the best blenders in 2017 and customer reviews. Let's consider each species separately.

Conventional manual

Manual modifications of blenders differ in their small size and appearance. They resemble an elongated handle, most often covered with plastic, on which there are several buttons for removing and adjusting the speed of rotation of the nozzles. The handle is held in one hand, and the working part - a knife or a whisk - is immersed in a container or bowl. The function assigned to the device depends on the type of nozzle: mixing, grinding, whipping, cutting.


Manual models are irreplaceable for the preparation of soup-puree

The advantages of hand-held devices are small size, weight, convenient shape. Nozzles are easy to remove and wash under a tap or in a dishwasher. Disassembly occurs in one motion - by pressing a pair of oppositely located buttons on the handle. The number of nozzles varies on average from 1 to 3, but sometimes more.

The disadvantages of many include the method of use: during operation, the device must be held with one hand on the weight while holding down the power adjustment button. If the process is delayed, fatigue appears. The second disadvantage is to know the fans of cocktails - for their preparation it is better to choose a stationary device.

Stationary blender with a bowl

The second name of stationary models is desktop. Indeed, to use them, you need a horizontal surface to install the case. Inside the base, on which the bowl is fixed, is the working mechanism. The body + cup set takes up more space than the hand-held device, so to save space you can choose a more compact product. Most often the set consists of several bowls, which differ not only in built-in knives, but also in shape.


Stylish and inexpensive KitchenAid with 5 modes of operation

According to reviews, the main advantage of stationary devices is the freedom of hands. The time involved in grinding vegetables or mixing the dough can be devoted to cooking or cleaning the table. The number of containers is limited, but still allows you to perform various operations with products, from quality whipping cocktails to large cut vegetables for salad.

The disadvantages include the volume of the installation - the body and several bowls occupy the whole shelf. Some models do not do very well with slicing vegetables. But here, before choosing, you just need to inquire about the quality of the knives.

For baby food

For young families with an infant, we recommend choosing special equipment for preparing baby food. When it is necessary to introduce complementary foods, it is better than vegetable, and then meat puree from natural products is nothing. Manufacturers of electrical installations, focusing on demand, produced several special models for the preparation of baby food.

Many people know the brand Baby Bullet: a bright green shade of plastic elements, a smiling bowl and a set of small containers that are comfortable to hold even with children's handles. A compact unit allows daily preparation of fresh products for babies without resorting to the purchase of canned food.


Stationary blender for baby food with a set of containers for storing puree

To select the desired fixed installation, specify additional functions. For example, some baby food devices operate in the steamer mode. With their help you can warm up or defrost food. Examples of blender-steamers are Avent Philips and Beaba Babycook.


Models of submersible type - in fact, hand-held devices, which we have already mentioned. They do not have a stationary body and a set of bowls with built-in knives, but they are an elongated handle, one end of which attachs the nozzles. You can choose a separate blender or a set with plastic containers, which are increasingly appearing in sets of different manufacturers.

submersible device

Submersible device with two types of nozzles

Submersible models, as mentioned above, take up little space, but necessarily require manual control throughout the entire work process.


To the cooking process was fun and not inconvenient, before buying, study the technical specifications. For example, find out the optimal power for comfortable operation: how to determine the power, you can consult the consultants.


It is the power that determines the quality of cutting or mixing products. Low power devices include equipment with parameters up to 500 W, medium - 500-800 W, strong - more than 1000 W. For example, professional equipment KitchenAid has high power characteristics - 1200-1300 W. If you often cook and want to choose a really fast and efficient installation, pay attention to this brand.

KitchenAid Artisan

KitchenAid Artisan is a heavy-duty device with electromagnetic drive

An example of a low-power, but functional model is the Philips HR2875. It has a power of 350 watts, but it's enough to split the ice. Completely budget value (3500 rubles.) Is accompanied by another bonus - a pair of road bottles for water (juice, protein cocktail).

Material and dimensions of the bowl

Capacities are different not only in form, but also in material. Choose something special will not work, there are only 2 options: plastic and glass. Each species has its own advantages. For example, plastic do not break when hit against a floor tile, but eventually lose a beautiful appearance - are covered with scratches and cloudy. Glasses stand steadily on the table, look great, serve for a long time, but do not withstand impacts on solid objects.


Easy plastic capacity Kenwood

Dimensions are important if you cook different dishes - from soups to smoothies - for a large family. The average volume of the tank is from 400 ml to 1 l, but there are options for 1.5-2 liters. To prevent the content from pouring out through the edges, you need to select a bowl with a slightly larger volume than you plan to fill. Pay attention to instruments with two or three kinds of bowls: they cost a little more, but they have extended functionality.

Number of speeds

The quality of cooking dough, soup or puree depends on the speed with which the knives or other nozzles rotate. Budget stationary installations and handheld devices usually have 1-2 speeds. The first speed is moderate, the second - increased (turbo mode). If you want to choose an appliance with a large number of speeds, refer to models with a price tag of 5 thousand rubles. and higher.


BRAUN Identity Collection works in 11 high-speed modes

Some blenders are even more powerful and have up to 24 speeds. According to reviews, such a number - an obvious search, and overpay for unnecessary "bells and whistles" is not worth it. It is noticed that for preparation of salads or mashed potatoes 2 speeds are sufficient, for whipping or kneading - no more than 5-6.

Selection of attachments and accessories

With the complete sets everything is simple: you should choose a kit with the containers and knives that are really needed during cooking. A universal option is a submersible device with 3 nozzles and 2 bowls. Stationary can be equipped with 1-3 different containers. If you need a wider range of options, it is better to choose a food processor.


Standard set

Here is a list of standard tips:

  • Plastic removable leg with a knife, which is necessarily present with a manual model. The knife is great for making mashed potatoes and various vegetable mixes.
  • Corolla is a full replacement mixer. Required for mixing or whipping.
  • Chopper - bowl with built-in knife, mandatory part of fixed installation. Excellent cuts any root crops, nuts, onions, cheese on very small parts. Suitable for cooking meat or chicken meat.
  • Vacuum pump. A special device for removing air from the containers, a find for thrifty housewives.

In addition to the nozzles, the kits are equipped with a glass with a scale on the side. They are convenient to use for measuring bulk and liquid products.

Video instruction for choice

How to choose the best blender for your home:

A huge range of electrical appliances poses a difficult challenge: you need to choose a functional, efficient, beautiful blender, and preferably at a reasonable price. A positive result can be achieved by carefully studying the properties of the device and reading reviews. Correctly selected model will not only last longer than the manufacturer's declared time, but also increase the number of home dishes.

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