Sofas and banquettes - the best solutions for a small kitchen + photo

Sofas and banquettes – the best solutions for a small kitchen + photo

Sofas and banquettes - the best solutions for a small kitchen + photo

A kitchen for a modern person is not just a place where food is prepared and absorbed. This is the habitat. Many people here invite friends. Women often watch TV here, sipping coffee and simultaneously doing makeup. Here the whole family gathers to socialize on everyday topics. So why do many still think that the sofa or chair in the kitchen is not the place? If you correctly plan the design of this multifunctional room, it is possible to arrange chairs or even small sofas for the kitchen here. They will add a room of coziness, will give households another convenient place for recreation.

Small compact sofa - the best solution for a small kitchen

This compact sofa will come in handy in the kitchen, but the cleanliness of the upholstery will have to be carefully monitored

In some cases, the sofa can become the pride of the hostess. For example, when she herself developed its design. And in one-room apartments a kitchen sofa with a bed is simply necessary. After all, it makes it possible to arrange for some of the guests to spend the night. So, how to choose a sofa for the kitchen?

Cozy kitchen design with sofa

Small sofas successfully complement the atmosphere of a spacious kitchen

Small sofas at first glance occupy a little space, however, they can be installed opposite each other only in a spacious kitchen

Modern manufacturers offer consumers who decided to buy a kitchen sofa, a fairly diverse range. What should be the perfect sofa for the kitchen? Well, if it will be quality and durable, made of environmentally friendly materials, with ergonomic design and attractive upholstery. Do you have a small kitchen and you want to save space? Pay attention to the stylish and modern soft kitchen corners. Thanks to their convenient design, together with a place for sitting you will receive also a place for storage of things. This is a niche in a corner sofa.

As a rule, people who are sociable want to put a sofa in their kitchen, who often accept large and not so big friends' companies. Dream about the couch in their kitchen and large families who like to have a long and thorough breakfast on weekends and have dinner in the evenings. Regardless of why you want to buy a sofa, try not to overshadow your kitchen life with poor-quality upholstered furniture. Choose good sofas.

Small sofas for the kitchen should be durable. They should not be deformed and lose their elegant appearance even after a few years. All kitchen furniture should be strong and durable, this applies to the sofa. It should have a comfortable form of the back and so deep that people can sit comfortably on it. Then your traditional kitchen gatherings will be even longer. More communication with your loved ones - more positive emotions, stronger health, longer life expectancy. That's how much positive are the ordinary small kitchen sofas.

Small sofas for the kitchen: a combination of elegance and lightness

Wicker small sofas for the kitchen attract their original shape, compactness and lightness

Popular kitchen sofa designs

When choosing sofas for the kitchen, you must pay special attention to the size and design of furniture. Not every apartment is spacious and really comfortable kitchen, so you have to take into account the lack of space, layout.

All kitchen sofas can be conditionally divided into two large groups: classical and angular. Models of both types can have their own design features, which should also be taken into account.

Compact model

Compact corner model

Option # 1: corner sofas with niches

Ideal choice for tight rooms. Such a sofa in a small kitchen Save space, and sit on it will be very convenient. Often angular models are designed for more people than classical ones. Additional plus: almost all manufacturers in the bottom of the furniture place roomy niches for storing things.

Some models can be folded up to the dimensions of a full bed. In the assembled form the sofa occupies a little space, but in the unfolded it is quite capable of becoming a comfortable bed. This model is worth buying for the kitchen of a hospitable house, where sometimes relatives or friends stay overnight.

Corner model

Corner model with sleeping place

Option # 2: couch sofas with bed and folding

The couch usually unfolds up to the size of a small, but comfortable bed. Models can be single and double. For a small kitchen, the first option is preferable. If the room is large, it is possible to put a double couch so that guests feel comfortable even at night.


Sofas-couches can be both with backs and armrests, and without them. Mechanisms of transformation - folding and withdrawable. Some models provide additional boxes where you can store useful trivia.

couch for the kitchen

One-bedroom couch for kitchen

Option # 3: semi-circular models

For small rooms it is necessary to carefully select the "right" semi-circular models, but in spacious kitchens-dining rooms they are always appropriate. For a small room (5-7 square meters) you can buy a compact model without the possibility of transformation, but with a large drawer under the seat and shelves on the sides. This will help to organize the space rationally.

In a small-sized studio apartment, where the kitchen corner is also a rest area, you can install a semi-circular sofa that can be expanded to the size of a double bed.

corner with shelves

Semicircular soft corner with shelves

Option # 4: sofa-bench

The peculiarity of sofa-benches is that the models of this type are best suited for storing things. They are not laid out, but in the seats there are convenient storage systems for things. These are real miniature pantry with seats. They are compact, lightweight, comfortable.

Often such models are made of light wood. They are stylistically neutral, so they look good both in classical interiors and in rooms decorated in eco or country styles. As an additional decoration you can use pillows.


Kitchen sofas

Option # 5: modular sofas

Modular kitchen sofas - this is an option for people who like the most functional furniture. Having bought such a model, the owner can decide independently which configuration suits him. If you want, you can always change the form.

As an additional "bonus", a modular sofa can be equipped with a compact bar, a stand for magazines and books, a storage system, shelves. When choosing, it is especially important to check the quality of materials, because Only a strong frame is capable of long service, if the configuration of the sofa is often changed.


Modular soft corner

What upholstery to choose for a kitchen sofa

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is leather and a quality substitute. It is convenient to take care of such a sofa, it does not burn out, and is not afraid of greasy stains. But this does not mean that the kitchen sofa must necessarily be made of these materials. You can choose any non-marble modern upholstery fabrics. There are quite strong fabrics that do not absorb odors, are not afraid of stains (for example, rattan or rush-velours sofas). In addition, if you have a large kitchen, and you plan to put the sofa completely in the opposite side of the work area, you do not need to worry about its appearance.

Effectively looks in any kitchen sofa beige or white, but in this case the upholstery should be only made of leather or substitute. For a kitchen in the style of a country the sofa will fit in a box. A sofa with a floral pattern is suitable for a kitchen in English or Italian style, and if you are Japanese followers, pay attention to a simple sofa with an emphasis on bright pillows.

A kitchen corner from sofas with a table beckons with a home cosiness

The cozy soft kitchen corner, complemented by a table, will become a favorite place in any kitchen

Pay attention to the corner sofas for the kitchen. Some are equipped with an additional corner table, which, if necessary, is transformed into a seating position. There are sofas that are equipped with shelves from the outside. This saves space and creates additional space.

Sofa in the interior of the kitchen: how to choose and place

In addition to the dimensions and design of the sofa, the appearance is of fundamental importance. It is chosen depending on the style of design, color scheme, features of the layout of the room and options for placing furniture. Only considering all the nuances, you can properly decorate the kitchen with a soft corner.

Dinner Zone

Dining area with sofa-bench

How to arrange a soft corner

There are several popular solutions for placing a sofa in the dining area:

  • Opposite kitchen set. In the rooms of a rectangular layout, soft furniture is placed opposite the headset. The parallel circuit is very convenient. A soft corner and a dining table can be arranged so that there is room for a refrigerator.
  • In the corner. Compact angled a sofa in a small kitchen can become a part of a cozy recreation area. The rest of the room will remain free to accommodate other items. It is better to choose a model with a niche for storage and put there items that are rarely used. This will help to free up some more useful space.
  • Near the window. For placing near the window, classic or corner models with bay windows are suitable.
  • In the middle of the kitchen. If the area of ​​the room allows, you can apply an island scheme for placing a dining area with a sofa.
Dinner Zone

Dining area by the window

How to choose soft furniture in style

When developing a design project for any premises, furniture is selected in accordance with the overall design style. It is necessary for the room to look harmonious against the background. There are several signs that you should pay attention to:

  • English style. Most often in this style make out the living rooms, but it is suitable for kitchen-dining rooms. For such interiors, furniture is selected in noble colors, decorated with gilding, brushes, pillows with monograms.
  • Classicism. Sofas in the classical style are always symmetrical, decorated in strict neutral tones. Decorations are suitable - figured carving and forging.
  • Empire. It is difficult to find a more artsy and pompous style. For rooms decorated in the spirit of Empire, choose emphatically luxurious pieces of furniture.
  • Greco-Roman style. A soft corner, decorated with a rich cloth in red and gold tones, is suitable.
  • Baroque. Smooth lines, rounded forms, woodcarving are signs of baroque furniture. Sofas luxuriously decorated.
  • Art Deco. For kitchen sofas in the art deco kitchens are characteristic bright decorations. It is important to observe the measure, so that the furniture does not look lurky.
  • Modern. Original forms, asymmetry, bright upholstery - such furniture will ideally fit into the room in the Art Nouveau style.
  • Pop Art. The combination of simple shapes and quirky decor always attracts attention. This is the main sign of pop art furniture.
  • Minimalism. Minimalist interiors are always simple, functional. For upholstery, you should choose materials of light pastel or neutral tones.
  • High tech. Glass, metal, light plastic with glossy surfaces, minimal amount of details - all this is suitable for high-tech kitchen decoration. As for the color scheme, white, silver, gray, red colors will suit.

Sofas in classical, Greco-Roman styles, Empire and Baroque can be covered with velvet, but taking into account the specificity of the kitchens, it is better to choose removable covers or bedspreads. Option - leather upholstery in suitable colors and additional decorative elements, reinforcing the impression.


Soft corner in high-tech style

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