Modern built-in kitchens: great design and flawless functionality

Modern built-in kitchens: great design and flawless functionality

Modern built-in kitchens: great design and flawless functionality

If you want to create an elegant classic interior or decorate a Provencal kitchen area, hide electrical equipment in furniture modules, as shiny metal surfaces and display panels disrupt the concept of a stylized space device. The modern built-in kitchen is a combination of comfort and well-being, a great opportunity to expand the area of ​​small rooms.

Optimization of space with the help of built-in technology

The idea to hide household appliances and machines behind kitchen facades has appeared for a long time, and today it is rare to find a room in which all the devices are in sight. This is not always justified from the style point of view, besides large devices occupy a lot of space.


Built-in technique allows you to maintain the unity of style

There are three qualities of modern premises for cooking:

  • Seasoned style;
  • Ergonomics, ease of operation;
  • Maximum functionality of all elements;
  • Increased area of ​​movement.

There are options for buying ready-made sets, but most of the kitchens with built-in multifunctional equipment are made to order.


Customized options are much more interesting than factory kitchen systems

The company that performs an individual project, takes into account the size of the room, the location of the water pipe, sewer pipes and power supplies. For this reason, when leaving the old living space, the former owners try to sell furniture together with the dwelling - complete with a dishwasher, a refrigerator and an oven.

Pros and cons of ergonomic cuisine

The number of useful electrical appliances is growing every year, and if you take them out of the furniture sets, on the horizontal planes there simply will not be room left. The design of the built-in kitchen is such that it accommodates furniture modules (with shelves, drawers, mobile systems) and a cell for installing equipment - dishwasher and washing machine, refrigerator, oven.


What is hidden behind the kitchen facades, is often known only to the owners of the apartment

The advantages are small and angular headsets, and linear solutions with the "island" in the middle. The first are compact and convenient for placement in cramped spaces, while the latter are characterized by higher capacity and higher functionality.
Advantages of suites with compartments for electrical equipment:

  • Advanced design (no need to think about the appearance of the equipment that is hidden behind the facade);
  • Individual equipment (availability of only the necessary devices);
  • Absence of "deaf" areas (unused useless zones).

The disadvantage is the tightness of the project in a particular room, since all offices and tables are located taking into account the specific planning of a particular facility. Another disadvantage is the higher cost of improved angular and linear headsets, complete with modern devices: for comfort you have to pay.


Standard set of hidden "helpers"

Design and device for embedded models

The peculiarity of some types of equipment hidden behind the facade consists in the complete absence of external design. There is no need for it, since the only visible part of the hull, in fact, is the cabinet door. This applies mainly to dishwashers and refrigerators. The front panel or oven door, microwave oven, washing machine is visible, so its design should be taken into account when ordering furniture.

wardrobe in retro style

Oven in retro style

Hob - electric stove replacement

In the modern modular system, the electric cooker in its traditional design is less and less common. She was replaced by a separate kit from the hob and oven. The constructional hob wins, since after installation it forms a single unit with a table top, without gaps. It looks neat and aesthetically attractive, besides the absence of distances between pieces of furniture and technique helps to keep the floor in order.


Induction hob - nothing superfluous

The power cable and the gas supply hose (for combined and gas models) are hidden under the table top, and directly below the plate are convenient storage compartments for cooking and frying. These are drawers with inserts for cutlery, containers for dishes, columns for storing bottles.

section for bottles

A convenient section for storing bottles under the hob

Comfortable oven

The main advantage of the oven independent of the hob is its placement in an easy-to-use place, for example, in the middle of a high cabinet-pencil case or in a niche that is in the immediate vicinity of the gas stove. Outside comes only the front part of the oven - the door and the control panel (mechanical or sensory).

Cooking in a raised oven above the built-in oven is comfortable and nice

Cooking in a raised oven above the built-in oven is comfortable and nice

By the same principle, compact electric furnaces and microwaves are installed. They are located in niches, at a convenient height for maintenance. To put the dish in the oven, do not bend over - the device is just at the level of the hands. A conventional microwave oven "steals" a lot of space on a desktop or a window sill and does not always look like it's appropriate, and an integrated one does not interfere and absolutely does not spoil the design of a small kitchen with appliances.

built-in oven

A block of built-in ovens allows you to simultaneously control the preparation of several dishes

How to disguise a refrigerator

Many owners of ultramodern kitchens habitually buy ordinary refrigerators - two and three-chamber, with one and two doors, with the bottom freezers or free-standing frosts. The overall equipment breaks the slender features of stylish interiors, differs in color and occupies a lot of useful space.

identical refrigerators

Placement of two identical refrigerators as an interesting design

In fact, almost all manufacturers produce a series of embedded models that are placed inside the furniture module. Outside, the front side looks like an ordinary cabinet door. The internal chambers of the refrigerator do not differ from stand-alone counterparts - many shelves, a compartment for fresh vegetables and fruits, bottle holders, containers for storing butter and cheese.


Room in contrasting colors with built-in appliances

Advantages of the dishwasher

It became much easier for women to put the room in order after dinner or dinner, when a dishwasher appeared. Almost immediately she fell into the category of integrated technology. In small families, where they use the same dish every day, it is used as a cupboard. In the evening, they load dirty plates, cups, cutlery, and in the morning they take them out, they are already clean, and they put them on the table.


A convenient place to install a dishwasher

The internal "stuffing" of machines is different in design - the number of shelves and compartments for various types of dishes, the location of containers for detergents. However, there are no fundamental differences, as the dish washing technology of all household machines is similar.


Built-in kitchen with bright design

Washing machine under the counter top

In small-sized apartments, a washing machine is installed on any free piece of space: in a corridor, in a bathroom, in a wall niche and even manage to place in the hallway, holding out long flexible hoses. With the advent of built-in furniture, it is increasingly placed in the compartment under the countertop, near the sink, so that it is easier to equip the sink and the water supply.


Washing machine paired with dryer

Sometimes a stand-alone machine is also placed under the countertop. The main condition for the perfect functioning of a conventional washing unit is a quality installation. This means that the base under the machine should be perfectly flat, strictly horizontal, and the legs are aligned in height. Otherwise, the machine will start moving, "jumping", knocking on the sides of the furniture panel. Built-in model is not threatened.


Door opening option

Structural features of angular solutions

Angle is usually called kitchen furniture sets in the form of letters G, specially made for small rooms. They are put in a corner, along two adjacent walls. The third wall, as a rule, is occupied by a window, and near the fourth a dining table is set. C linear branches are simple - they are built taking into account traditional solutions (with shelves, drawers and niches for equipment). The main task of the designer is to use a 100% corner segment.


Traditional solution with corner sink

If the corner is made beveled, there will be enough space inside the washing machine (the pipes are next to it), and there will still be room for installing a multi-stage cleaning device (filters). Thus, you disguise the washing machine and get a source of clean drinking water. But usually the angle is used to install the sink.


In a small kitchen the washing machine is hidden in a niche under the bar counter

A common design solution - a small corner set with a bar counter - can be useful for using built-in elements. Under the countertop, instead of horizontal shelves, you can place one of the built-in devices: a washing machine, an oven or a refrigerator. In a small corner kitchen all the built-in appliances will not go in, but 2-3 items can be placed.

Built-in appliances in the interior of the kitchen

Furniture modules, which contain refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers, together with the dining area and decor form an interior in a certain style. Consider several design solutions in different styles.
Favorite classic - quiet color for a tree, glass cabinets, showcases, gold trim, stylized appliances.

Classic Headset

Classic suite with an "island" for a large kitchen

Minimalism - lack of decor, clear straight lines, lots of free space.

kitchen interier

Minimalistic interior in low-key tones

High-tech is a modern technological interior with glossy panels and functional stuffing.


Contrast design of the kitchen in high-tech style

Modern - simple geometric solutions, curved shapes, original accessories.


The combination of natural and modern technologies

Art Deco - shine, luxury, decoration of natural materials and a lot of expensive jewelry.

Built-in appliances

Perfect framing of built-in technology

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Analysis of modern trends in the design of the kitchen space proves that the future lies behind new technologies and built-in equipment. Integrated in the furniture set of home "assistants" allow you to create interiors in any style, while fully preserving its performance.

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