How to choose the original table and chairs in the kitchen: 33 photos of stylish dining groups

How to choose the original table and chairs in the kitchen: 33 photos of stylish dining groups

How to choose the original table and chairs in the kitchen: 33 photos of stylish dining groups

When the design of the kitchen is handled by a designer, all the components of the interior are kept in the same style and are selected before the repair begins. Difficulties begin when you need to independently choose a suite for an already finished room: organically fit new furniture, correctly plan for free space, do not make mistakes with size, style, shape. A variety of options often puzzles: to buy bright design dining tables and chairs for the kitchen or create a special atmosphere of comfort, cleanliness, warmth with a classic set of natural wood?

Dining tables

Rustic style tables

Table and chairs for a stylish kitchen-dining room

A large kitchen is a maximum of possibilities for creating a functional working and comfortable dining area. Sufficient space allows you to choose the kitchen table and chairs of any shape. Combine the kitchen and dining room can even in a limited area of ​​the studio apartment.

Zoning kitchen

Absolute harmony of shape and clear zoning of the room

3 rules for choosing a lunch set:

  • Stylistic compatibility with the rest of the furniture and the design of the room. In the photo there is a barstool table with a metal table top and chairs with a vinyl upholstery: a high-tech model.

Gray Kitchen

  • The combination of color and shape with the concept of the room. The classic interior does not tolerate bright screaming colors. Provence requires a choice of light, pastel, muted shades of milk. Bright kitchen tables and chairs are suitable for a cozy room in a modern Art Nouveau style.

Lilac Kitchen

  • Competent zoning. It is necessary to clearly distinguish the dining and working areas: the room will not look overloaded with furniture, every detail attracts attention.

Kitchen with panoramic windows

Form is crucial

A competent choice of the shape of the table can dramatically change the perception of space. A round dining table in the kitchen in the center of the dining area will make any evening festive, and the room - cozy.

Round table

A minimum of decor, a round table and chairs of the same shade is the embodiment of taste

Rectangular table fits any interior, it is universal. The form visually increases the length of the room, it allows the maximum use of the area.

White table

The oval folding table looks elegant, takes up minimum space in the folded state, turning into a compact round table.

Oval Table

Oval table for kitchen from wood and chairs with upholstered upholstery

A square is an excellent form if a small family of 4 people regularly gathers at a table. Harmonizes with a functional and emphatically simple modern interior.

Square table

Choosing the right size is not an easy task. It should be remembered that a person for comfortable self-feeling at the table needs up to 70 cm of horizontal surface. A minimum of 55 cm. The table should not stand against the wall, too close to the working surface of the kitchen furniture. For a set for 4 people you need to allocate an area of ​​2.4 - 2.6 x 2.6 m.

Layout of the table

In a narrow room it is better to put a rectangular table: on an area of ​​2.5 x 3.8 m with comfort can accommodate 8 adults.

Tables for 8 people

Material for making kitchen sets

Noble natural wood is the most popular material for the production of elite kitchen furniture.

Classical cuisine

Luxury lacquered wooden tables and kitchen chairs in expensive fabric upholstery transform the interior

Advantages of solid wood furniture:

  • Naturalness and environmental friendliness.
  • Durability.
  • Wealth of choice of shades, textures, shapes.

Disadvantages of wooden surfaces:

  • Careful maintenance and adherence to the temperature regime, stable air humidity is necessary.
  • The varnished coating will have to be updated.
  • Even the hardest varieties should be protected against mechanical damage.

The tree can be used as a decoration and the main material of furniture of almost any style. Designers offer interesting ideas that are able to turn an ordinary piece of interior into a masterpiece.

Armchairs with semicircular backs

Combination of natural wood with golden color and light fabric

Wooden furniture

The polished top and matte varnish are the highlight of this kit. Interesting form of chairs: instead of classic legs - monolithic curved bars

Dining tables with a glass surface are not inferior in popularity to classic wooden ones. Glass has one undeniable advantage - the surface is easy to clean, not afraid of high temperatures. For families with young children, it is better to choose a glass table with an oval or round table top, without sharp corners.

Glass table

This model of a dining table perfectly approaches for a small apartment and a country house

Glass is perfectly combined with other materials: acrylic, plastic, metal, wood.

Acrylic table and chairs

Table and chairs for large kitchen

The set of glass, nickel and glossy plastic will be appreciated by lovers of extravagant decisions in the techno-style. Clear geometry, pure colors and unordinary ideas will make such a set the center of the room.

Table from frosted glass

Table - folding, table top - frosted glass

Color scheme: bright headsets for an unordinary cuisine

How to dilute the dull monotony, make the kitchen the brightest and favorite place for the whole family? For several seasons, bright, neon colors in combination with white are relevant. In fashion - juicy berry shades, lime, yellow. In the photo - stylish kitchen tables and chairs in bold bright colors.

Bright green chairs

White, gray and lime - spring mood is provided

Weightless plastic chairs, white glossy table in combination with a bright facade, chandelier and tile in tone.

Bright kitchen

Bright sun color and simplicity of form: a brilliant combination. Transparent plastic chairs, white table top and decor in a rich orange color.

Orange cuisine

The translucent toned, almost black glass is in harmony with the red-black upholstery. Game contrast: dark and bright lunch group on a white background.

Original dining set

Achromaticity will never go out of fashion. Black-gray-white scale and laconic design - elegant and expensive.

Table with glass top

Frosted metal, black vinyl, glossy glass base

Kitchen island: multifunctional dining tables

To arrange a trendy and multifunctional kitchen island, it is not necessary to turn the entire apartment into a kitchen. Manufacturers of furniture offer compact solutions for medium-sized rooms as part of modular collections.

Arrangement of a small kitchen

An oven is built into the side surface, a transparent plastic bench adds a compact kitchen to the spaciousness

In the classical version, the kitchen island is a multifunctional table. The worktop can be used as a working, dining surface or bar counter.

Red kitchen

To such a table for the kitchen is to pick up high bar stools

Modest colors and fresh ideas: in a huge room, two islands. The main one is with a cooking and working surface, a sink. Dining - exactly repeats the form of the main, but thanks to absolute transparency remains invisible, without distracting attention.

Island cuisine

Original tables and chairs for a small kitchen

A small room can be turned into a full kitchen with a cozy dining area, even if there is only 5 square meters. Principles of space organization:

  1. Maximum use of vertical planes - multi-tiered cabinets.
  2. Turn the entire length of the walls into a full working surface.
  3. Choose multifunctional parts: tables-transformers, sliding surfaces.
Small kitchen

Perfect harmony in the niche: the wall is fully used, the working surface is combined with the table, high and narrow chairs do not take up much space

Transformers for small rooms

There are many variants of surface transformation. In a very small room they use draw-out, retractable, lifting mechanisms that allow you to hide a full table under the worktop, headset, turn into a dining group a decorative radiator cover.

Extendable table

Extendable table top, disguised in a drawer

A draw-out table on wheels is convenient: there is plenty of free space, and rubber wheels will not damage the floor covering.

Extendable table

Too little kitchen? A table resembling a bar counter moves in a special guiding niche. Instead of chairs - a soft bench.

Black and white kitchen

Compact table

Folding designer dining set

Classic suites in compact kitchens

When there is at least a bit of free space, you can assemble a classic dining set of non-standard products.

Compact coffee table

A compact coffee table that turns into a full table for a big company

Extravagant white narrow table

Extravagant white narrow table with extendable details

Niches in the dining table

In the unfolded form: capacious boxes for storage

Bar counter in the kitchen

Bar counters are also appropriate in narrow small rooms

It is much easier to create a dream kitchen in a spacious room: a large area will make unnoticed stylistic errors. Finding a place with all the necessary things on a few square meters is extremely difficult. Therefore, owners of small kitchens are advised to consult with a professional designer, and order a lunch group for individual sizes complete with basic furniture.

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