How to choose the perfect curtains and curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door - modern design options

How to choose the perfect curtains and curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door – modern design options

How to choose the perfect curtains and curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door - modern design options

The kitchen with window and door opening onto the balcony is a convenient and popular choice of layout. It used to be that without the curtains in the fold - nowhere, the "stripped" window looks like a hollow. This trend was replaced by another trend in the design of balcony doors and windows - lightness, laconicism and functionality that allows the absence of curtains at all. Let's consider the options of the "golden mean" - the idea of ​​modern design curtains for the kitchen with a balcony.

Video: ideas for design curtains for the kitchen with balcony

Current ideas about the design of kitchen curtains have long been no longer limited to modest curtains in a half-window and lacy snow-white tulle with podhvaty. In these videos are presented the selection of design projects for real photos with ideas for the design of the window opening and the balcony door in the kitchen.

Some models are so simple in performance that even at home you can sew several options and change depending on the season and mood. Video guides for tailoring popular models:

Features of the choice of curtains on the balcony door

First of all, decide: why do you need curtains for the kitchen with access to the balcony. Take shelter from too bright sun or from prying eyes? Compensate disadvantages of planning or for beauty? Calculate the mounting options that are acceptable in your kitchen. What difficulties can there be? A couple of examples.

  1. Stretch ceiling without a stipulated lath at the window does not allow the installation of ceiling cornices.
  2. The cornice, hidden in the plasterboard structure, is not planned yet at the initial stage of repair.
  3. The already narrow window opening is obscured by the frequent frame of the balcony glazing.
  4. The walls do not allow the installation of attachments that will withstand the weight of heavy curtains.

In the case under consideration, when the window is adjacent to the balcony door, the structure of the opening itself can not be called beautiful. Its L-shaped configuration and almost mandatory heating radiator under the sill attract attention already from the entrance. Attempts to disguise this area with decor bring the opposite effect. Therefore, if the step of the window block "callous eyes" and it wants to be hidden, the best way out, except for not always possible demolition of the partition, is a restrained design in the general colors and stylistics of the kitchen. For example, as in the following photos.

Semitransparent curtains on the eyelets:

curtains on the eyelets

Semitransparent curtains on the eyelets


Curtains on the eyelets

Repetition of colors of walls and furniture in textiles:


Requirements for curtains on the balcony block

Mandatory requirement - free access to the balcony door. On the balcony in the kitchen is usually located an economic unit with storage areas, a seating area with chairs and a table or part of a lunch group in the warm season. All these options assume that the balcony will go out often, so the curtains should not be a hindrance on the way.


Curtains on the balcony

Roman folds

Laconic and almost imperceptible Roman folds

Matching not only the style, but also the functionality of the room. Lush double curtains with transparent tulle throughout the width of the window opening and dense curtains with picks on the edges look most traditionally in the kitchen of the classical style. However, in their numerous folds, you will be confused every time you go to the balcony, and in the end the curtains will be constantly shifted to a convenient position for you, which, of course, will not add beauty to the interior.

curtains with picks

Light curtains with picks, framing the balcony block

If the window with a balcony in the kitchen is only one, then it is desirable that the curtains look the same without breaking the doorway to the door zone and the window sill area. Otherwise, the lumen visually decreases, and the interior loses harmony. What tricks combine curtains for the balcony door and for the window?

  • Same material and / or color scheme.
  • Echoing finish: edging, fringe, flounces, picks, eyelets.
  • Common cornice and lambrequin.

Photos of the successful framing of the window and the balcony door:


What to look for

Even in the cleanest kitchen with a powerful hood is going to a special kitchen dust - heavy, greasy, sticky. Therefore, it is undesirable for curtains to absorb dirt and make cleaning difficult. Soft drape curtain fabrics should be easy to wash, and rigid, impregnated, materials of tension structures (roller blinds, woven blinds, pleated) - cleaned dry.

Important: Curtains made of natural napped materials, allowing only chemical cleaning - not the best choice for the kitchen.

Since kitchen curtains should be removed and washed more often than room curtains, pick up simple fasteners that you can handle alone. It is good to have in stock another set of "clothes" for the kitchen window for a while, while the previous one is drying and drying. Yes, and refresh the interior, changing the curtains, is simple.

Various curtains:


On which side of the world does the window come out? The curtains in the rooms looking south or west burn out faster than in the northern and eastern directions. This is important if the balcony is not protected from the sun or not glazed at all. The problem is solved by choosing the right fabrics with impregnation from ultraviolet radiation or installing external awnings, blinds, roller blinds.

Options curtains for the kitchen with a loggia

The loggia, even being separated from the kitchen constructively, by a partition, often continues functionally in the room: a dining group, a bar or a relaxation zone is brought here. In this case, it is logical to facilitate visually the balcony opening, hanging light single-color curtains in the kitchen without a lot of folds and bulky decor.

In the photo there is a balcony block framed by light and light curtains:


If your kitchen with a loggia is on the first floor, and you want to close it from prying eyes - do not choose heavy and dense curtain fabrics. In the daytime they too restrict the light flow and even a spacious room will look darkened. Privacy in the evening lighting with the same success will create curtains of translucent materials with a woven pattern or multi-layer.


Curtains in the kitchen

A convenient and therefore popular option is to hang the balcony opening with a transparent tulle or organza, and already on the loggia you can install simple fabric shutters or blinds. Thus, in the daytime the maximum natural lighting of the kitchen is provided, and in the evening it is enough to lower the functional curtains to protect the living space from extraneous views. Even in the evening, the kitchen is not visually cut off from the loggia.


And the usual curtain fabrics, and non-standard - jute and bamboo cloth, rice paper, mesh - are treated with dust, dirt and sunscreens in order to rarely require care and not lose decorativeness. It is desirable that even natural fabrics intended for kitchen curtains, contained an admixture of synthetics: the canvas will absorb less dirt and crumple, and care for them will be facilitated.

Photo of bamboo and jute curtains:


A special type of material is blackout. A dense curtain canvas is additionally covered with a special acrylic compound that reflects the sun's rays. Due to this, the room is darkened to the maximum and does not heat even in direct sunlight. Most often blackout is used for roller blinds and as a lining of traditional curtains. Fabric, due to the processing that transmits only 20-30% of the sun's radiation, is called dimout.

roller blinds

Roller blinds

For traditional single-layered curtains, a cotton or synthetic veil, lightweight flax, loose tulle and organza are ideally suited for a kitchen with a balcony. With a two-layered design of the balcony block, the curtains look lighter if the layers differ in color or interlacing, rather than in density, as in the above photo.


Single-layer curtains

Cotton, linen, jute, bamboo curtains are ideally suited to interiors, the style of which implies an emphasis on textures and the use of natural materials: virtually all varieties of country, eco-style, modern. Smooth, flowing, draping fabrics will be appropriate both in classical and modern Scandinavian, Mediterranean, minimalist kitchens.



On the eyelets, hidden and decorative hooks, woven loops, with a motorized lifting mechanism, folding into a tube and gathering in creases - there are many ways to fasten curtains. Consider traditional and modern versions of curtain designs for the kitchen with a balcony door.

Dying from the eaves curtains, straight or with podhvatami - classic window decor. In the kitchen, they will be appropriate both in the full-size and in the shortened version. Short curtains add interior lightness, do not interfere with the working or dining area on the windowsill, look great in different country-style options.


Practical and functional blinds do not like to be used in the home interior because of the association with the office, instead they prefer compact rolls (rolls) and Roman blinds in the assembly. They are similar in that they are fastened at the top of the window opening and are adjusted in height, closing the window from top to bottom, but differ constructively.

Photo examples of horizontal and vertical blinds in the kitchen interior:


In roll curtains, the canvas is wound with a roll on a narrow shaft and processed with special compositions for stiffness, and the free end is heavier. Spring-chain mechanism allows you to unwind and collect back the blind, fixing it at the correct height.


roller blinds

Roller blades

roller blinds

Roller shutters in the kitchen

The lifting structure of fabric Roman curtains is the same as that of blinds, but with a less frequent arrangement of links. Since it is fastened most often to a frame or to an opening with a slight overlap, it is important to accurately calculate the width of the blade - otherwise there will be cracks and distortions. A variant of curtains of the Romanesque type are Austrian - they do not have rigid forming rods, so in elevated form draperies hang with semicircular festoons.


Austrian curtain with blindfolds - on the window, curtain with pick-up - on the balcony door

Roman and roller blinds look extremely laconic and do not take away the extra centimeters from the area of ​​the room, so they fit perfectly into the style of the 60's, high-tech, minimalism and are suitable for tiny kitchens. Design options you can evaluate on the photos below.

"Rimki" in the interior:


Japanese panel curtains are expressive simplicity and economy: literally every centimeter of the canvas performs its function, obscuring the window opening. The fabric is not assembled into folds; on the contrary, it is stretched using guides and fixed on a special cornice. The finished panels close the window opening completely or move apart, like the doors of the closet.

Japanese fabric panels in the kitchen interior:


Flat curtains of any type allow for such mounting options:

  1. on the sash of the window directly or on the glazing bead;
  2. in the opening for the entire width of the window;
  3. to the ceiling;
  4. outside the window opening on the wall above it.

Photo examples of design curtains for the kitchen with balcony

Even with the same design and method of fastening, kitchen curtains can look completely original in the interiors of different styles. The proof of this is our selection of photos with various design options: from traditional short checkered kitchen curtains and laconic monophonic folds of tulle to pompous figured curtains with lambrequins. And the combination of curtains of different designs allows you to make the exit to the balcony comfortable.


Kitchen curtains

curtains from organza

Double-layer curtains made of organza of contrasting colors

furniture set

Repeating the color of the furniture set


Bright textiles echo with bright furniture


Different length of window and door curtains


Multilevel draperies

Photos examples of combinations of different types of curtains:


Examples of combinations of different types of curtains


Other window decoration ideas with a balcony door

The novelty of 2017 was roller blinds such as "day-night", allowing you to change the intensity of light entering the kitchen. The fabric in them is double and consists of alternating translucent and opaque bands. The control mechanism allows both raising / lowering the entire roller blind and moving the webs relative to each other, with the following adjustment options:

  • muffled ambient lighting;
  • full blackout;
  • partial shading.

Rollets day-night:


Note also the revival of the popularity of thread curtains-spaghetti - fixed on the upper horizontal braid of a long, frequent muslin. They unobtrusively decorate the balcony opening, do not interfere with the passage to the kitchen-living room and support the zoning of the space when the kitchen is combined with a balcony. Decorate such curtains glass beads, beads, rows of intricate nodules, sequins, small shells. In the photo - transparent light green "spaghetti" on the balcony block.


Light green curtains in the kitchen

Modern elegant pleated curtains is a compromise between blinds and shutters. Woven semi-transparent fabric folded accordion, fixed on a special profile and raised using a cord or chain. The advantage of plisse is that they can be installed in the openings of any geometry: not only rectangular, but also semicircular, trapezoidal, inclined mansard. In addition, the pleating is decomposed from top to bottom, and vice versa, opening the upper part of the window.


Blinds pleated on the windows of Nizhny Novgorod

A stylish and always noticeable option for decorating a kitchen window is stained glass, especially if you decorate not only the window glass, but also the balcony door. This type-setting technique is expensive, but in the kitchen it is quite possible to replace it with translucent paints or even gluing a film with a finished pattern.

Important: some colored window films are produced on an opaque basis, so they slightly skip daylight or not at all translucent - check before you paste.

Photo of stained glass on kitchen windows:

photo stained glass

Photo of stained glass on kitchen windows


Textured glass - treated with sandblast or chemically - stops frosted, but at the same time it perfectly passes and diffuses the light, making the room lighter. Full or partial glazing of the balcony block with frosted glass allows you to elegantly separate the kitchen from the balcony without obscuring it.

Pay attention: many plants, especially orchids, love just scattered light and on the windowsill behind such a glass will be more likely to blossom.

In the bedroom

The layout, providing access to the balcony through a combined window and doorway, is often found in living rooms, for example in the bedroom. General requirements for the textile design of this block are the same as for the kitchen: the ability to freely pass through the door, the style that is uniform with the rest of the room, good light transmission capacity. But the very purpose of the room allows wider use of design findings. For example, impractical in the kitchen because of the numerous horizontal folds French curtains perfectly complement the interior of a romantic Provence or classics. Long curtains, partially lying on the floor, which almost do not occur in the kitchens, give the bedroom mood of relaxation and bliss.


Photo curtains in the bedroom in the Art Nouveau style


Curtains in the country bedroom with balcony

curtains in the bedroom

Classic curtains in the bedroom

curtains in the bedroom

Roman curtains in the bedroom

In the living room

And the appointment of the room, and the stylistic possibilities allow in the living room with access to the balcony, as well as in the bedroom, to widely use the various design options for the balcony block. For example, canonical shuttlecocks, folds, overlaps and draperies of classical style curtains in the kitchen look too pompous, and in the living room, especially large, just right! The only thing, do not forget to think whether it will be convenient to open the balcony door behind multi-layered curtains. French curtains are also appropriate here, usually too luxurious for kitchen windows. On the photo below - ideas for the design of curtains in the living room with a balcony.

veiled curtains

Bright combined veile curtains

panels in the living room

Japanese panels in the living room


Curtains and drapes with picks


French curtains in the living room of the classical style

living room

The living room, decorated in the spirit of minimalism

To give the balcony block in the kitchen a harmonious and finished look, which will continue the general stylistic concept of the room - a fascinating task, albeit not easy. In addition to the subjective "beautifully ugly", when choosing the design of the curtains, you need to take into account the properties of the fabrics, the way a particular balcony is used, what features of the layout you need to hide / emphasize, and even the material of the walls and ceiling. It is not fatal, but all the alterations cost money, and make everything perfect for the first time will help professional designers.

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